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While there has been progress in a few school districts across this country, we are still losing kids to suicide at an alarming rate.

It's up to each and every one of us to stand up for those who can't defend themselves. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE! Thanks for your support in putting these lawmakers on notice that YOU won't stand for their ignorance any longer. They have to make the laws for the schools to enforce. It's that simple. Please take the time to forwayd this to anyone you know. We can't afford to lose any more brilliant minds.


His name is Justin. Lawmakers in his state and his country failed to protect him. Anoka-Hennepen school district may be getting the message. There's a lot more school districts that need to get in board. Since educators and school administrators across this country duck behind the widely embraced neutrality policies in regards to  youth and bullying, they appear to have no effective policy to address the assault and harassment of ANY of the students. Are school administrators and teachers afraid? His mother revealed recently that not only did the students get away with tormenting him, but some teachers did as well. Did they not ever grow up? Lawmakers need to stop the suicides now with laws currently on the books.


In a response email from the Kentucky Attorney General, he says that it is the STATE LAWMAKERS who have the power to make and mandate enforcement of these laws. So let this petition put them on notice that the deaths of these children fall at their doorsteps. Assault is against the law In every state. Schools report drugs and weapons violations to law enforcement and the same must apply to verbal and physical assault (Bullying). Lawmakers do not need to classify these crimes under a different catagory. Document and Report. If the school doesn't make an official report of an incident when it happens, then it is up to the parents to report it to law enforcement. Audio and video are at everyone's disposal. Get the evidence you need to move forward. The targets of this petition cover all 50 states. Lawmakers are the ones that are responsible for enforcing school districts to be in compliance. It's the kids schools, the kids states and the kids country. They do have a right to be protected, and it is up to us as adults to ensure that happens. With the recents events involving an educator at a Flager Palm Coast High School named Floyd Binkley and allegations of anti gay/harassing remarks against a student, this petition will put them on notice as well. School entities are liable for the conduct of their employee's. If you have been a victim of bullying, You can tell your story and be a part of the solution for students who will follow in your path. The hearing in Washington is less than 2 weeks away.

Letter to
Superintendent=Anoka-Hennepen school district. Mr. Dennis Carlson
Executive Director Minnesota Board of School Administrators Mr. Stan Mack ll
Zero tolerance for drugs and weapons, on school campuses to ensure the safety of students are enforced by several entities from the schools to local and state law enforcement. Verbal and physical attacks amount to harassment and assault. They are a violation of the law as well. The harassment and/or assault against any kids by students or teachers alike should not be tolerated, on or off campus. Harassment of anyone by others is unacceptable. The deaths of these children now lay at your doorstep. This student's name was Justin. You allowed his school, his state and his country to fail him. If you continue to allow this type kind of conduct to happen in your public schools and across your states then the next story you hear about on the evening news may involve a member of your own family. Talk to your children and your grandchildren. They have a lot to say if you just listen. 45 days to enact and enforce a ZERO TOLERANCE HARASSMENT law. If written correctly, a zero tolerance harassment/assault law would cover all U.S. citizen's, all situations across the state.Not just in schools. These are laws currently on the books. Please do it now. Mandate that all public and private schools be accountable to ensure the safety of our children on and off campus. Let's not have another needless death.

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