Demand severe consequences and eviction for therapy cat murderer in North Adams

Demand severe consequences and eviction for therapy cat murderer in North Adams

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Disclaimer: The name of the suspect has been censored to "R" -  to protect other tenants/citizens. Please remember in a court of law, "R" is innocent until proven guilty. Please do not contact or harass anyone you assume to be the perpetrator because it could be anyone as they are not named in full. The police and Housing Authority are aware of who this person is. Take care of this the right way by signing the petition. Please read and sign.

On Wednesday, February 2nd, tenant "R" of the North Adams Housing Authority on Ashland St. assaulted and tortured another tenant's therapy cat, Max. Max was so severely hurt that he was found deceased. Out of concern for other tenants, their pets, and children, Mr. "R" must be evicted from the Housing Authority for this senseless act of violence and animal cruelty. Our tax dollars should not be going to house someone who is violent and dangerous, unless that housing is a jail or prison cell. Torturing and killing animals is a huge red flag perpetrated by someone with serious mental issues. Research shows that a person who has committed animal abuse is five times more likely to also commit violence against people. If he can do this to a helpless animal, what is next? Who is next?

Not only should Mr. "R" be evicted, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law under the Massachusetts PAWS act and be sent to prison for his careless actions. If he assaulted and killed a human, he would be facing first degree murder charges. Animals are sentient beings, they are helpless and rely on us for love and protection. Max was someones therapy pet and was very loved and adored by many tenants in the Ashland building. He died alone, in pain, and confused in the cold after being thrown out to the streets to die by "R".

I am asking that my friends, neighbors, and animal lovers stand together in solidarity to see that "R" faces consequences. Upon research, animal cruelty is a felony in MA and can carry a hefty prison sentence and a $5,000 fine (PAWS Act 2014). "R" must be charged with a felony and if convicted, get put away for the maximum time allotted for his heinous crimes. Upon release,  "R" should be put on probation and court mandated therapy for the maximum time allotted by law to help ensure public safety,  to see that he sorts out his anger management issues, and make sure he is getting the help he clearly needs. Also, he should be fined the max that is allotted for animal abuse cases per the PAWS act. 

Too many animals suffer at the hands of deranged people and the consequences for their actions are way too lax. It is time that people who hurt  and kill innocent animals start facing real consequences and are held accountable. This behavior should not be tolerated in our community or anywhere else for that matter and we will no longer accept it. Please join our cause by signing this petition. The police are involved in this incident so we want to make sure the Judge and Police Department gets a petition full of signatures before law enforcement moves forward with charging "R" for his crimes.

Please join this cause to:

  • Evict "R" from the North Adams Housing Authority for the safety of all other tenants, their children, and pets. If you are a resident at The North Adams Housing Authority, let the administration know you do not feel safe living in the same building as someone with such aggressive & violent tendencies by signing here or reaching out to them personally. 
  • See that "R" gets fined the max for animal cruelty under the PAWS act.
  • Let law enforcement know that the public wants to see that "R" is charged with a felony and if convicted goes to prison for the max time under the PAWS act. We would also like to see that once he is released he is on probation and in therapy to ensure he has his anger under control and is working towards bettering himself. 
  • Be the voice for the innocent animals that have none.
  • Take a stand against animal cruelty and say enough is enough. 

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Thank you for your time and consideration. 

-A concerned North Adam's resident. 



1,377 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!