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Demand Romania either ends its Horrific Cruelty to Animals or give EU citizens their Millions back.

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NEWS UPDATE - Romania's Latest Cruelty last night 10th May 2011 Click Here use  to translate text in news article into your language.

As an European citizen are you aware of the following: - Every single year through the taxes that you and I pay to your own countries Government/Parliament, a proportion is assigned for the EU Parliament to help out our poorer members, such as Romania. A huge chunk of that money, in-fact Billions each year is specifically allocated to Romania by the EU to help maintain stability of its economy and to provide a FREE source of funding for its agriculture and business maintenance.In fact Millions of Euros have been donated to Romania specifically to be used for its animal welfare and ongoing animal care..

Romania most certainly wants to be part of the EU and continue to access the billions of Euros each year  that we all pay for out of our personal tax contributions. However considering for them to be able to access such free money (Free for them not us) they must act and abide by EU laws, this most certainly means that they by EU ruling must ensure  the same standard of animal welfare,human rights,freedom of speech etc is applied throughout its country as can be found to be applied by other EU member states. Very simply put, if you want to access the benefits of being an EU member you must agree to abide by its laws.

In regards to human rights,freedom of speech and other laws relating to treatment of the humans of Romania they are to an extent keeping up with their end of the bargain. However, when we look at animal welfare, we all know too well, and by the ongoing influx of evidence via the internet and news channels that Romania is not abiding by EU animal welfare standards and is infact one of the worst EU members when it comes to horrific animal cruelty that many of its countrymen and officials carry out without any repercussions from the government or law enforcement.

It is very simple, if Romania is not abiding by all EU standards that allow it to continue creaming off Billions of pounds of our hard earned money, then this is fraud and they should be made to give the EU Parliament every single Euro back , so the money can be reallocated to charitable and non profit organisations either based internationally or locally within Romania that does actually help the country such as Animal welfare groups.

In regards to Animal welfare, the Romanian Government are failing to abide by EU law/regulations yet still being allowed to cream Billions of euros from other EU taxpayers ( that would be us)

Animal Control Officers kill the animals by beating and strangling the animals in the back of the van before even reaching the shelter – Part of the fulfilment of EU standards when it comes to animal control is that the staff are at the least fully trained individuals with experience in dealing with animals. The truth is the majority are cheaply hired from the gypsy communities who are re known in their own right for their horrific treatment of animals. It is no surprise that once the animals are in the back of these Vans, only a minority of animals make it out alive only to be thrown or dragged into below standard shelters where they are lucky if they receive a bowl of water before being beaten to death or poisoned

Killing dogs is Big Business in Romania - Killing dogs in Romania benefits both the Romanian Government and the thugs that are labelled Animal Control. At first you may think that this does not benefit the Romanian Government but this is not the case and we will explain why in a moment. Firstly you need to understand that these supposed animal control units are simply privatised animal killers. They are subcontracted as it were by the government to round up and care for the dogs they catch. For each dog they catch,they invoice the local government,for each dog they kill, they invoice the local government, for each dog they incinerate, they invoice the local government.

This is why we can say without any doubt that Dog Killing is big business in Romania (and why they so desperately want to bring the law in to Kill all strays), because for a single dog to be caught,killed and incinerated, that single dog would have earned the animal controllers approx 100 Euro's now if we weigh this up against how much it costs to have that same dog neutered, that would have cost just 15 Euros.

At this point you may be thinking, okay I can understand that the controllers are benefiting but the government surely are running at a loss. To a degree you would be correct, so you have to ask yourself,why then would any government do this? It is very simple, the answer can be found in the conditions that Romania has to fulfil to become and remain a member state of the EU. For a country to be seen fit to join the EU they have to prove that they are managing employment levels, and on paper these dog killers are a positive statistic, because they are classed as employed. So Romania tackling their unemployment levels is being managed, this condition fulfilled, releases the Billions of Euros given to the Romanian Government by us the tax payers. Now do you get it? For the sake of giving these vile dog killers 100 Euros per dog, the Government in return receives Billions each year from other EU members, paid for by us! Dog Killing is big business for all concerned in Romania.

It is noteworthy that one of the other conditions of Romania being accepted as part of the EU and having what seems endless access to our hard earned money, is that as a government they are meant to show economising expenditure both locally and nationally to the EU board. By this dog killing business alone that the Romanian government and the dog killers have got going between them, this alone breaks another part of their contract to the EU and yet still our European parliament is still bank rolling this country with our money!

Paying the Public to kill animals: Yes you read that correct,the Romanian Government pay the public, encourages the public to kill its countries strays!. Think about it, what type of person would it take to kill an animal in the first place,then think about how they would kill the animal. All the while that you are reading this, remember that we Europeans are giving Romania billions each year in the belief they are adhering to EU law (That includes animal welfare) and by that fact the government is filling its pockets with our money.

Animal Cruelty Reported, nothing is done: When someone does report animal cruelty, for the most part little is done by the police in Romania. At the very most the abuser is fined and the animal concerned taken away (in some cases destroyed). Apart from the fact a fine will do nothing to deter the abuser,if he/she has other animals, they will remain with the abuser!!!

Romania’s Proposal to destroy all strays - No doubt you have heard about this in the news, and you like the author of this petition is sickened by this horrific proposal. Again, remember, .Romania is part of the EU, they have access to billions of Euros every year from our pockets on the proviso they are abiding by our (EU) laws and standards. By Romania’s refusal to implement such standards, choosing to pay untrained thugs and the public to kill the strays, they are legally of infringement of those laws and surely breeching their agreement with the EU, effectively with us?

The bottom line is, we (EU citizens) who the money is being sourced from are giving our hard earned money to Romania in the belief it is abiding by its contract to us (The EU) and the bare simple truth is it not. Unless it adheres to the entirety of its contract to us (this includes animal welfare) we have a right to claim that money back. After all we have kept our end of the bargain and keep bailing the country out, if that money is not going to where it should, not being used as it should, then we should have our money back, it is as simple as that!

I am sure that like the author of this petition you would rather Romania keep the money but on the proviso that it does not pick and choose which EU law it abides by, but to ensure all are stuck to. If this is to be the case than the one area it fails to uphold the law (Animal Welfare) must be addressed, and that for Romania to continue receiving our money then the following provisos must be put in place immediately, these are:

  • Immediately fire the thugs they call animal control officers

  • Immediately employ trusted Romanian Animal Welfare groups to deal with and handle the stray animal issue including the maintenance and upkeep of its animal shelters. This to be overseen by a European board made up of various heads of European Animal Welfare groups.

  • Order the public to stop abusing or killing animals

  • If a person is found guilty of animal abuse, that he/she is arrested then charged and the sentence is to reflect the severity of the abuse. Also that all animals that person owns are removed. After which a ban is set in place legally deterring the abuser form owning any more animals.

  • Order the micro-chipping, of all working animals and neutering of domestic animals.

  • To throw out the horrific proposal of Euthanasia of the stray population and instead work with Animal welfare groups implementing neutering and spaying programmes.


By signing and sharing this petition you are of the opinion that if the above is not immediately brought into affect, then the European parliament on behalf of its citizens should:

  • Investigate possible fraudulent use of funds by the Romanian Government,

  • Investigate breach of EU Animal Welfare laws

  • All monies that are found to not have been spent correctly or have been deposited in officials personal accounts is then clawed back and equally distributed to Trusted organisations (who at this moment rely on donations from the public to do the job that the Government should already be doing themselves)

  • Until Romania does agree to implement and abide by EU Animal welfare law and actions the above list of requirements. That the EU does not send a single penny in aid to Romania until it does fall into line and acts as an EU member state and not expect free handouts for failing its other members.

On 26th May 2011

The Official UK Demonstration will take place in London.


This petition along with its list of signatures will be delivered by hand to the Romanian Embassy, the Romanian Consulate and forwarded by post to the European parliament.


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