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Demand Republican Support For Reducing Runaway Corporate Election Spending

The Supreme Court decision of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission will allow corporate special interests to spend an unlimited amount of money to influence campaigns, drowning out the voices of the American people and rolling back decades of progress to ensure elections are fair.

Many Republicans in the Senate applauded the decision and sadly, campaign reform architect John McCain declared campaign finance reform "dead."

Republicans should be standing up for their constituents rather than putting corporate interests first. Sign this petition and tell Senate Republicans to get on board and support campaign finance reform that puts people before special interests.


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U.S. Senate
Powerful corporations should not be allowed to drown out the voice of the American people.

The recent Citizens United Supreme Court decision will allow unlimited corporate contributions to influence federal campaigns. Rather than stand up to make sure than the voices of American voters are heard, many members of Congress have for the most part embraced the decision.

Keeping special interest money out of our elections should be a priority for both parties and Republicans should be joining the efforts of Democrats to pass campaign finance reform that will ensure citizens’ voices come before special interests.

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