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Demand Republican Congressional Candidate Apologize for Suggesting We Microchip "Illegals"

At a Tama County Republican County forum, primary candidate for Congress Pat Bertroche suggested that we microchip "illegals."

Bertroche said, referring to undocumented immigrants who are detained and deported, "I actually support microchipping them. I can microchip my dog so I can find it. Why can't I microchip an illegal?"

Human beings are not pets. They are not property. And the dehumanizing rhetoric that leads people to forget this needs to stop.

Demand that Bertroche apologize for his offensive rhetoric, and that the Tama County Republican Party, which hosted him, denounce his degrading comments.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Republican Congressional primary candidate
    Pat Bertroche
  • Chair, Tama County Republican Party
    Bob Young
  • Co-Chair, Tama County Republican Party
    Jill Tracy

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