Demand Prosper ISD Independent 3rd-Party Investigation #JusticeForJanies

Demand Prosper ISD Independent 3rd-Party Investigation #JusticeForJanies

10 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by We Are Prosper

Prosper ISD students, parents, educators, staff, and taxpayers stand united in demanding that Prosper ISD (PISD) Board of Trustees back up the public statement made at the Monday, Aug. 29th School Board meeting and make a motion to hire an independent 3rd-party to investigate the matter which resulted in a $5 million lawsuit against Prosper ISD at the Special Board Meeting on Tues., Sept. 13th.

We expect the following:

The Propser ISD Board of Trustees (the Board) will:  

  • Issue a request for proposal and solicit bids from several investigative firms to serve as a third party, independent investigator into the District’s handling of the sexual assault of two very young students on a bus driven by Frank Paniagua.
  • Make the list of firms public and hold a public vote on which firm to hire.
    Make contract, scope, and reporting requirements available to the public for review.
  • Ensure the investigation is comprehensive and unrestricted in scope including, but not limited to, exploring all individuals and entities involved, leadership decision-making, an evaluation of policies and procedures in place both before and after the alleged incidents, the district’s handling of the reported crime, and recommendations for improvements this, and every district, should make to avoid such tragedies in the future.
  • Require all reports from the investigators be sent directly to the Board of Trustees and remain independent from Dr. Holly Ferguson or any other member of the Prosper ISD administration.
  • Make fully available to the public the investigators’ findings, including any suggested remediations to processes, procedures, training, personnel and leadership.
  • Suspend Dr. Ferguson from her duties as Superintendent while the investigation is pending and recommendations are known to the public.
  • NOT take any premature action to censure or discipline any Trustee who votes in the affirmative to the above points, particularly before findings are made public by an independent investigator. 

If the Prosper ISD Board does not take action to contract with an independent vendor to conduct such an investigation at the Tues., Sept. 13th Special Board Meeting, we will proceed with filing a written petition for removal from office, each PISD Trustee who does not vote in the affirmative to the points above, to a Collin County District Judge. These actions will be taken pursuant to Texas Government Code Chapter 87 subsections (2) and (3). We will also ask that the District Attorney make a formal request to have this matter investigated by the Texas Rangers’ Public Integrity Unit. Members of the community are asked to continue to pray for the victims and their families, as well as our ISD, our students, ISD staff and our entire community. We pray for Justice for both Janies, and all other unnamed child victims of sexual assault in our schools. 

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Signatures: 1,212Next Goal: 1,500
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