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Demand Police Accountability In Denver!

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Over the past several years numerous reports of excessive force have showered down on the Denver Police Department. And aside from lip service it seems very little has been done. 

In one case, Michael DeHerrera was arrested and savagely beaten by Denver P.D. and over 18 months later, little real action has been taken to rectify the situation and hold the officers responsible accountable for their actions, this despite the high publicity of the case and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper himself calling for an FBI investigation. Now the DeHerrera family and other concerned community members are hoping to bring new attention to the case and the seemingly casual disregard they are receiving from the city of Denver and the mayor in particular.

But the DeHerrera case isn't unique. Hearing of police brutality in Denver is becoming more common and as Kelley Vlahos reports, locals there are concerned with ensuring the new mayor sticks to his pledge to rectify the DPD's current state of affairs and faltering reputation.

Denver was said to rank sixth of 63 large police departments in the number of allegations of excessive force in a single year. This paired with spotty response from the city to such allegations has led to an overwhelming distrust of the department and a rift between the community and police there. 

Stand in solidarity with the citizens of Denver who want to know that the city is working towards reform. Call on Mayor Bill Vidal and Police Chief Gerald Whitman to work towards mending the relationship between the Denver police and the people they serve. Demand they order an independent review into recent allegations of police brutality and the policies and procedures that may be steering officers in the wrong direction. Don't allow Vidal's pledge for reform to be nothing more than words--demand action. 


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