Demand NFL Players Support Their Children & Domestic Violence Victims

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Demand NFL Players Support Their Children & Domestic Violence Victims

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Former 49er and Chicago Bear Defensive End, Ray McDonald, has a history of alcoholism and abusing women. He faces a criminal trial in January for the alleged rape of an unconscious or intoxicated woman after meeting her in a Silicon Valley bar.

In 2014, McDonald's former fiancée, Kendra Scott, was assaulted by McDonald when she was 10 weeks pregnant with their child. Kendra was largely ignored by the Santa Clara County police, some of whom were also employed as private security for the 49er’s new stadium. Ray McDonald was released by the 49ers only after another woman made rape allegations.

The Chicago Bears hired McDonald despite his admitted alcoholism and history of violence against women.

In 2015, McDonald assaulted Kendra again, this time while she defenselessly took the beating in order to shield their two-month-old son from his father’s drunken rage. For a second time Scott suffered bruising to her face, neck, and body, which was documented in photographs, police reports, and in a video seen only by a Santa Clara County Grand Jury as the new $2 billon Levi’s Stadium was under construction.

The NFL assigned its Critical Response Team to assess the situation, which is tasked with helping victims of domestic violence. But it failed to help Kendra.

Kendra permanently broke off the engagement after Ray was arrested for the alleged rape of another woman, the NFL turned a cold shoulder to Kendra and their infant son, leaving her vulnerable to another attack.

Kendra and her infant son were forced to go on Medi-Cal and relied on friends and local restaurants for food.

Ray hired expensive attorneys using the proceeds from his $20 million NFL contract and real estate investments in order to maneuver out of his alleged assaults and rape and simultaneously engaged in a campaign to shame and assassinate the character and credibility of his victims.

Kendra was forced to seek legal aid and help from domestic violence advocates. She was reportedly pressured by NFL team management to keep the ongoing domestic violence and custody proceedings quiet.

After McDonald failed to support his child early on, he finally agreed to pay just $2,500 per month in child support, half the monthly payments of his Bentley.

The NFL saw record revenues of $13.3 billion last year and has millions of fans, many who view the league and its millionaire players as role models.

The league has a moral responsibility to set an example to its followers by caring for victims of abuse and their innocent children.

Join us in demanding television networks withhold advertising contracts until the NFL establishes a Domestic Violence Victim's Fund to ensure that the victims and children of abusive players receive medical, counseling, and legal support paid by the league, even if those victims choose to leave their abuser.

Read Kendra Scott’s victim letter to Ray McDonald by clicking here.
Support Kendra and her 20-month-old son by clicking here.

See Report on the vicious  Attack Dogs McDonald continues to own and exposes Kendra and his 20 month old son to during his weekly unsupervised visitation.


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