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Demand More Strict Laws for Animals in West Virginia

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West Virginia requires very little in the way of protecting animals that are left in our care. All that is required by state law is food, water, shelter, and medical treatment necessary to sustain normal health and fitness. Nothing more is laid out and there certainly is not a law to protect animals from being tied out in bad weather (cold or hot).

Recently, a dog in Preston County, West Virginia was left outside in frigid temperatures. He had a dog house but no barrier to protect him from the wind, yet he had "shelter" according to the laws of West Virginia. He was laying in the back yard slowly freezing to death. That night, he curled up and went to sleep, forever. Frozen to death from the harsh, bitter cold.

It is time that the people of West Virginia speak up and use our voices to help the voiceless. We need laws better protecting animals!

Pennsylvania as a state recently executed a better anti-cruelty law including a law against tethering in extreme temperatures ( In addition, Kanawha County in West Virginia recently executed an anti-cruelty ordinance ( and the state of West Virginia as a whole needs to follow suit or do better!

We need a law limiting how long an animal can be tethered, even with shelter, in extreme weather conditions; or better yet, an anti-tethering law all together.

We need to stand up for the voiceless and innocent! They need our help more than ever right now with the frigid temperatures we are expecting in the next few months. Please sign this and also contact your local legislators! These animals can't wait any longer.

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