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STOP THE LAWSUITS! Call for Mike Yenni to Replace Suspended Shelter Dir. #toomuchliability

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We, the undersigned, respectfully request the IMMEDIATE termination of the employment of Robin Beaulieu-Lee from her position as Director of the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

The reasons for our request are many, to wit:                                                           
1. Jefferson Parish taxpayers paid $175,000 to Edward Haywood in 2018 over his wrongful termination lawsuit against Robin Beaulieu-Lee as Director, and the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

2. There have been several allegations against Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee of retaliatory treatment towards employees, volunteers and veterinarians who speak out against her or her actions. These alleged retaliatory actions have taken the form of demotions, terminations and banning and date back to 2012.  That's a pattern of 7 years of continuing illegal and unethical management tactics. 

3. We are aware of at least 2 additional lawsuits that have been or will be filed against Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee and the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter as a result of Ms. Beaulieu-Lee's continued harassment, bullying and retaliatory treatment of Jefferson Parish employees.

4. A grievance was filed by a Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter employee alleging retaliation, bullying, sexual harassment and illegal activity against Director Beaulieu-Lee and Chief Animal Control Officer Melinda Olsen. These allegations resulted in the termination of Ms. Olsen. It is our opinion that had Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee been a civil servant whose employment is under the control of human resources rather than a political appointee, she would have been terminated as well due to the serious allegations which were verified by human resources during their investigation.

5. Two employees have signed affidavits alleging that Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee coached their sworn testimony at a termination hearing of an employee before an Administrative Law Judge.  The employees claim they felt pressured by Beaulieu-Lee to lie under oath against a former employee or lose their jobs. 

6. There have been allegations against Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee regarding her lack of establishing and/or failure to follow proper protocols which has resulted in unethical and inhumane treatment of animals at the Shelter under her care, to wit:

a. Repeated allegations by contracted Shelter veterinarians (2012 - 2019) that Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee practiced veterinary medicine without a license leading to the improper care of animals under her supervision.  

b. A disturbing report by the current shelter veterinarian that Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee refused to respect his medical opinion that feral cats were being hoarded and neglected for over 18 months, and refused to allow the Veterinarian to remedy the situation for the feral cats. 

c. Animals being mistreated while being euthanized with no action being taken against the responsible individuals once the situation was reported to Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee;

d. A dog left to starve to death in the back of a Parish van for 23 days;     

We have deep concerns about the shelter animals and the dedicated employees who work every day to protect them, as well as the potentially staggering cost to the citizenry of Jefferson Parish if Mrs. Beaulieu-Lee’s mismanagement and mistreatment of the employees and animals under her care are allowed to continue.

To this Petition, we sign our names in the hope that the Honorable Michael Yenni accepts our demand and terminates the employment of Director Robin Beaulieu-Lee immediately.


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