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Demand Justice for Puppy Mill Cruelty

On June 28, 2012, 137 dogs were confiscated from the property of Sandra and Marcus Nance, after it was determined that the dogs were living in deplorable conditions that subjected them to heat extremes of nearly 110 degree temperatures, with no cool water or shade. Many of these same dogs were living in their own feces. Due to a pending investigation, further information about their living conditions is unknown, but it is typical that dogs living in a puppy mill live in crowded cages, and receive little to no veterinary care, socialization, or grooming. The heat the day they were confiscated was so unbearable that one of the animal control officers at the scene collapsed from heat exhaustion. These miserable animals are subjected to these conditions in all temperature extremes, both searing heat and frigid cold. By signing this petition, you are voicing your opposition to the neglectful conditions and cruelty of this practice through your encouragement of prosecution to those who put profit ahead of basic care for animals. Please keep in mind that these dogs will be returned to the Nance's if no charges are filed. As a civilized society, we cannot allow this to happen.  For additional information on this case, please follow this link to the news story that originally brought this to my attention.

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  • Lonoke County, Arkansas, Sheriff's Department and District Attorney

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