Have the case for Jeremy Sorensen Reopened

Have the case for Jeremy Sorensen Reopened

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Justice for Jeremy - Handle it equally!

Jeremy Sorensen was a brother, a son, a friend, and a young father.  His life was tragically cut short last year when a bystander pulled his gun to intervene in an altercation between Jeremy and an ex-girlfriend. Jeremy’s death was dismissed by the 24-hour news cycle, which quickly turned a complex situation into the simplistic narrative of an aggressive 'scary looking' black man attacking a woman. And, despite conflicting eye-witness testimonies that paint a different picture, his death was dismissed by the legal system, when the county attorney decided not to give the case a hearing in court. Recently, this same county attorney told Jeremy’s brother that if the racial roles had been reversed, if Jeremy had been white and the shooter black, “the case would have been handled differently.”

Jeremy died without due process and his death has been dismissed without due process in a court of law. This petition is an appeal to Provo City, Utah County, and Utah state officials to reopen Jeremy’s case and give the facts of the case the hearing they deserve. The facts are reviewed briefly, below. 

This case should have been “handled differently” than it was.

Will you please sign and share this petition so that we can show local and state officials that Jeremy’s life matters to not just his family and friends, but to the larger community who also believe that due process and equality before the law matter? 

The Details:

Jeremy was shot and killed by a man who intervened in a fight between Jeremy and a woman who had stolen Jeremy’s phone. It was not the first phone she had stolen from Jeremy. And stealing was not all she had done to Jeremy. She had been extorting Jeremy by threatening to accuse him of marijuana use and of sexual violence. The week before Jeremy was shot and killed this woman snuck into his apartment and smoked marijuana in his room as part of her ongoing extortive threats. The weekend before he was killed, he scrubbed the walls of his room and cleaned the carpets to remove the marijuana smell, for fear that she would call the police on him.

On June 3rd, 2019, Jeremy was trying to recover the phone the woman had stolen from him and it escalated into a physical struggle. We wish that he had tried to recover his phone by reporting her to the police but we don’t know what would have happened to him if he had. The woman was already using the police as a threat against Jeremy and we can only imagine how cornered he felt.

Witnesses heard him yelling for the woman to give him his phone back and saw him trying to get it from her purse. This turned into a physical struggle and the woman ended up on the ground with Jeremy fighting to get his phone.

This is when the shooter arrived. Without knowing anything about the situation, he chose to use deadly force. He stopped his car in the middle of the road and approached Jeremy with his gun already drawn. He shot Jeremy first in the hip and then two more times in the chest. 

The police report, along with additional witness statements and photos taken during the investigation, provide conflicting accounts of what led to the shooting and whether deadly force was necessary. Jeremy was unarmed and eye-witness statements disagree whether Jeremy did anything that could have been viewed as a threat toward the shooter. As well, the minor injuries sustained by the woman are not consistent with the shooter’s allegations against Jeremy or his explanation of his decision to kill Jeremy.

Diane McAdams-Jones, PhD, registered nurse of forty seven years and friend of the Sorensen family, reviewed these case materials and had the following to say, “witness reports and pictures of the woman wrestling with Jeremy do not depict injuries that would have been sustained had the woman been pummeled and hammer fisted (as alleged) in the face. There was no imminent danger to the woman's life to justify Jeremy's shooting and death by a civilian claiming he feared for the life of the woman.”

“I am a doctorate prepared registered nurse of forty-seven years having worked in trauma centers, military intensive care units, medicine, and nursing units. The woman had few to any visible bruises, no signs of a concussion, no visible facial trauma, no visible facial soft tissue damage, no facial fractures, not even one instance of broken skin, no blunt trauma to any of her body and spent less than twelve hours in the hospital. Her make-up was not even smudged.  Her injuries do not support the alleged physical contact claimed by the shooter and the witnesses.”

Despite these facts, in December, Utah County Attorney, David Leavitt, decided not to pursue a case to allow the court to determine whether Jeremy’s death was justified. It should not be forgotten, or taken lightly, that this county attorney said, when discussing the case later, that if the racial roles had been reversed, if the shooter had been black and Jeremy white, “the case would have been handled differently.” 

Jeremy can’t change his race and he also unfortunately can’t change what happened but you all can help get this case reopened, and have all the facts and eyewitness testimonies fully considered. 

We are petitioning local and state officials to handle this case differently than it has been. Jeremy’s shooting should not be dismissed as justified without due process. Jeremy deserves equality before the law, he deserves his day in court, he deserves to have this handled differently. 

He deserves so much more.

(Please) Handle it differently!

(And please) Will you sign this petition? It’s just to have this case heard in a court of law.

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At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!