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Demand Justice for Golden Retriever Left Out in the Sun to Die

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While residents of Evansville, Indiana battled temperatures soaring above 95 degrees by staying indoors, one resident showed little regard for a pet dog left outside in the deadly heat. The dog, a golden retriever, would die a cruel death within days.  Locked in an outdoor kennel, with no shady spot to find relief from the hot sun. The only protection was a plastic igloo house.  Evansville Animal Control superintendent Monica Freeman admitted to WFIE news the plastic igloo house would not be sufficient protection from the hot weather.

A concerned neighbor, Phyllis Mayer, made three phone calls to Evansville Animal Control, attempting to get assistance. Her first call described how the dog was in distress, how it was panting and pacing.  When they did nothing, she called again the next day. An animal control officer came out after the second phone call, but determined there was no neglect involved, even though the Evansville Municipal Code Ordinance calls for sufficient shade to be provided “when sunlight is likely to cause overheating, serious bodily injury or death of the animal.” 

Reference: Evansville Municipal Code Ordinance Chapter 6.05 Section 6.05.060 (C)(1) Requirements for custodians of animals: 

Yet the animal control officer left the dog out in the hot sun, in a kennel with no shade.

Sadly, the last call Phyllis Mayer made was a 911 call to inform that the dog had died. The Evansville police are now investigating to see whether criminal charges should be filed.

This petition respectfully requests that an investigation be conducted and criminal charges filed against the dog’s owner, who left the dog out in the hot sun to die and against the Evansville animal control officer involved, who could have saved this dogs life, but offered no assistance. 

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This petition will be updated as more information becomes available; however, the intent will remain the same.


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