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Who is killing the wild horses in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest? Since October 2018, 36 horses have been killed with 24 confirmed being shot. This includes stallions, pregnant mares and foals. Several horses were shot multiple times to inflict extreme agony.

The US Forest Service supervisor in Heber has stated he doesn’t believe there is a risk to the general public despite many of these horses being killed near a main road. The US Forest Service has no plan to improve security in the forest where these horses have been killed.

A man was seen shooting in the immediate vicinity of/at a herd of wild horses, but an ‘investigation’ determined he was just ‘target shooting’ at stumps. However, an eyewitness who was photographing the horses feared for her own safety because of the actions of the shooter. The eyewitness was able to take over 150 pictures and numerous videos of this incident.  Why hasn’t the US Forest Service and local sheriff’s office made any progress in this investigation after reviewing these photos and videos?  Why have they tried to discredit her as a witness?

Some local residents have expressed fear not only for the horses, but for themselves! 


Rewards totaling $15,000 are being offered for the apprehension and conviction of the person(s) who is killing these beautiful animals.

Please sign the petition.  Let the US Forest Service and Sheriff Clouse know you stand with the Heber Wild Horses.  Let the US Forest Service and Sheriff Clouse know you are watching and are asking for a thorough and transparent investigation.  These are YOUR wild horses and YOUR national forest.

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