Demand Ithaca College to Stop Funding Homophobia

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The Ithaca College Protestant Community (ICPC) is an anti-LGTBQ, racist, religious organization that Ithaca College (IC) allows to take residence on their campus.

In a student-led investigation, The Ithacan found that these discriminatory practices have been hurting LGBTQ and POC students for years. In the article, the adult professionals leading the Protestant Community showed no sense of urgency to address the issues of homophobic and racial discrimination. Instead, they have dismissed the testimonies of students who have been driven out of their faith community. These adults have harassed these students through hate speech and gaslighting tactics. The Ithaca College Protestant Community forced students out of their jobs, their own apartments, and in some cases out of Ithaca College. Some students were left with no other option than to drop out of college to escape the targeted homophobia and racism. An adult affiliate of the Ithaca College Protestant Community sent an Ithaca College student a message that included this threat: “The enemy of Satan is within you to not only bring you into a lifestyle that is disobedient, but also to help attack Christians. You will think you won and all the gay community with you, but in the end, you will be the losers.”

Ithaca College administrators have done nothing to support their LGBTQ and POC students. Students’ tuition dollars are still being used to fund the ICPC – to the tune of $50,000 per year. This $50,000 annual allotment does not include the additional funding granted to the Ithaca College Protestant Community each semester by the Student Governing Council.

The ICPC Chaplain, James Touchton, promised that he would push for change seven and a half years ago, when he first took the position. In that time, nothing has been done to address the practice of exclusion and discrimination against queer students and students of color.


We, the undersigned, call on Ithaca College to stop funding Ithaca College Protestant Community, which is currently acting in defiance of IC anti-discrimination policy. Student tuition dollars are funding a community that continues to practice discrimination against LGBTQ and POC students. We demand Ithaca College grant these funds to other campus organizations that adhere to Ithaca College’s vision statement of fostering an inclusive, affirming and diverse environment for all.

We, the undersigned, call on Ithaca College to develop and make public a comprehensive action plan to combat homophobia and racism in the Ithaca College Protestant Community.

We, the undersigned, call on Ithaca College to reinstate student Vanessa Zimmerman’s job at the chapel that she was forced out of by homophobic bullying. Zimmerman should receive compensation for the 122 hours she would’ve worked in the chapel had she not been exiled through persistent harassment from adults and students within the Ithaca College Protestant Community.

All of these demands are to be met no later than July 1st of 2018. Completed demands should be delivered and confirmed by the IC Color committee.

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