Demand Instagram remove violent anti-Semitic posts

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Instagram is no longer just for sharing cute photos of babies, pets, and avocado toast - it’s now widely used by neo-Nazis to spread messages of hate and conspiracy.

After the worst attack to the Jewish community on U.S. soil, over 11,000 anti-Semitic and hate-fueled posts could be found on Instagram. Many of these posts included hashtags linking the Jewish people to 9/11, others included odes to Adolf Hitler. All of them shared a similar message of hate intended to incite violence on a group of people. Tell Instagram to beef up their hate speech rules and remove violent content.

Instagram needs to do more to remove hate speech from their platform. Eleven people were killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue by a white supremacist. A quick search on Instagram for images related to this horrific event showed thousands of anti-Semitic images and videos. Many of them have been shared across Instagram as well as other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

When it comes to hate speech, Instagram has avoided a lot of the issues Twitter and Facebook have had over the years. Social media has given extremists a soap box to spread their messages far and wide. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are launching programs to deal with hate speech. Tell Instagram to remove posts that embolden violent white supremacy and Nazism.

If social media companies like Instagram turn a blind eye to hate speech, they’ll be giving more online havens for extremists to promote violence and spread their message. Demand Instagram remove violent content from their website.