Demand for our animals to be returned to us

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On September 13th, a wellness check was performed on me due to my service dogs alerting. I have several years of training for animal handling and husbandry for all sorts of animals from domestic animals such as dogs and cats to exotic animals such as reptiles and birds. I worked in a pet store for five years as well. I own my own foundation geared towards recovery for those who have experienced homelessness and and domestic violence, no matter their situation, and helping them to find new housing. It is a rescue, and it is not unheard of for me to have one or two rescues in my care.

The landlord in my current situation called recently stating that I had to get rid of my animals, all of which are service animals. No sooner had they done so, they stated in a following phone call that I had no right to run an animal rescue, which was not at all what I do. I have service animals in my room and nothing else. Several people on our behalf wrote  the management and explained the situation and the management’s rights under the law according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The management retaliated stating that they had stepped in animal waste in the unit at some point. While we explained that this must have happened at some point outside, as our dogs are crate trained and do their business outside of our room lest they are not feeling well, and at that point do so in their crate, they did not believe us.

Life in a single room is difficult for all involved, and when an animal does not understand not having room to run all the time, they sometimes do lose weight. We feed our dogs only the best food such as Zignature and Taste of the Wild. We believe that our dogs may need to put on a little weight, and we adjust their diet accordingly, supplementing it according to our trainer’s recommendations. We weigh our dogs and medicate as per our veterinarian’s instructions, and get their shots as required.

On November 8th, 2017, animal control visited our unit telling us they needed to perform a so-called “welfare” check on our animals. Upon opening the door, the officer stated she was unable to enter due to the ammonia smell of our laundry by the door (on cleaning day) and the puppy crate by the door. Puppies who are learning crate training will have accidents indoors, of course, in learning to go outdoors. The officer took photos to file a report and returned 2 hours later to seize our animals with police and fire department in tow.

It is our position that the so-called “welfare” check has been followed up on two months later than the initial wellness check that initially sparked interest in my animals, and that any charges being filed against us should be dropped as they are malicious in favour of landlords who simply do not want to deal with the fact that I And people whom lived with me at the time have service animals that they do not want to have to accommodate according to the law.

This case is tied back to our case back in 2016 with harassment and abusiveness towards Amber and her animals that she had then.  We do have documentation of this.  As  organizations have provided us with the necessary documentation for this case.   

We ask that you sign this petition to return our animals home and have all charges dropped as any adjustments suggested by animal control in our unit will be dealt with in that time frame, and that the judge (if court be necessary) will see that there is no reason to prosecute us.

Thank you!

Respectfully yours,
Amber Suenram and David (Kimberle) Andrews 


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Amber Suenram and Kimberle ( David) Andrews 


Please understand that our outlets this petition, fundraising, our facebooks are all updates controlled by our legal and crisis teams.   They tell us what to say and when to say it.   So if our wording sounds odd or strange please remember also we are innocent until proven guilty.   Please also remember that if rumors are spread around that can hurt us in any way.   We do have the right to place lawsuits, gag orders, restraining orders, and such.   If a restraining order is broke and you comment in a harassing way you could be arrested.   Another thing if we win lawsuits and at this point we probably will. Remember that even if you are a poor person.  Or have kids and such that doesn’t exempt you from paying.    Court ordered is court ordered.  Doesn’t matter if you can afford it or not.