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Demand Florida to Provide Medication Coverage to People Living with HIV/AIDS!

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Our culture is inundated with one crisis after another. Energy crisis, healthcare crisis, financial crisis, unemployment crisis ... These are all very real and they are scary. Yet, there is another serious crisis that is somehow hidden from our collective consciousness. The ADAP crisis.

ADAP, or AIDS Drug Assistance Program, is a vital program that assists HIV+ individuals with paying for the incredibly expensive medications needed to treat and manage this devastating disease. Without these essential medications, a person’s HIV disease is more likely to progress to AIDS. HIV/AIDS can become life-threatening. Currently, ADAP funding is being slashed in many states across the country. More and more people are becoming infected with HIV and as a result, states are struggling to keep up with the demand for ADAP assistance. Thousands of HIV+ people have been terminated from the program and thousands more are being placed on waiting lists. Currently, there are more than 5,100 people in ten states on ADAP waiting lists.

Florida is at the heart of this crisis, as 2,715 people are now on the state's waiting list. This is over half of the national total. And these numbers continue to grow each month as states continue to struggle with financial constraints and increasing HIV infection rates.  This is a major crisis that could only get worse if something doesn't change.

Please join us today in demanding Florida State Legislators to provide better care to its residents who are living with HIV by reinstating ADAP funding!

On the plus side, Florida state officials recently decided to cancel a public hearing to discuss the possibility of lowering the ADAP income eligibility level. This move would completely terminate hundreds of HIV+ people from ADAP due to their "too high" income level. No waiting list, just total loss. The proposed changes are on hold, so without continued protest and awareness, the change could eventually become a reality.

The ADAP crisis is very real and very scary.


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