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Petitioning Atlanta City Council President Ceasar C. Mitchell and 16 others

Demand Enforcement of the Laws to Protect the Carriage Horses Living and Working in Atlanta, GA.


Atlanta Carriage Horse Advocates has been documenting abuse, neglect and cruelty towards the Atlanta carriage horses for the past two years. While there are laws in place, they are not enforced. We need you to help bring awareness to this situation.


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Letter to
Atlanta City Council President Ceasar C. Mitchell
Atlanta City Council, Post 3 H.Lamar Willis
Atlanta City Council, Post 2 Aaron Watson
and 14 others
Atlanta City Council, Post 1 Michael Julian Bond
Atlanta City Council, District 11 Keisha Bottoms
Atlanta City Council, District 10 C.T. Martin
Atlanta City Council District 9 Felicia Moore
Atlanta City Council, District 8 Yolanda Adrean
Atlanta City Council, District 7 Howard Shook
Atlanta City Council, District 6 Alex Wan
Atlanta City Council Member, District5 Natalyn Archibong
Atlanta City Council Member, District 4 Cleta Winslow
Atlanta City Council Member, District 3 Ivory Lee Young
Atlanta City Council Member, District 2 Kwanza Hall
Atlanta City Council Member, District 1 Carla Smith
Atlanta City Council, District 12 Joyce Sheperd
Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed
We demand that the laws to protect the carriage horses living and working in Atlanta be enforced. Not only are the living facilities for the horses inadequate by law, there is NO real time enforcement of the regulations while the horses are working on the streets. Over the past two years, members of this advocacy have documented on a regular basis blatant violations of the city ordinances regarding equine drawn vehicles. Not only have 911 calls gone unanswered, but Atlanta Police Officers have refused to write citations or address violations, most often citing lack of knowledge of the relevant ordinances, and/or inadequate experience and training in regards to equine and the equine drawn vehicles.
As a concerned animal advocate, the health, safety and humane treatment of these horses is a serious concern. But even if you personally don't care about the horse drawn carriages on the streets of Atlanta, even if you don't care about the cruelty and neglect of the horses, even if for you animals in general are not very important, or if compassion isn't what you're about... I would hope that you would at least be concerned by the fact that the Atlanta Police Department and the other government officials responsible for doing a job, have displayed a complete lack of knowledge, as well as a disturbing lack of concern along with a blatant refusal to administer the laws that are intended to monitor, regulate, and ensure the safety of all aspects of the horses that are used in the horse drawn carriage industry in Atlanta.
We ask that you take measures to insure the law in regards to the horses, their living conditions and their working conditions, are enforced. If the laws cannot be enforced, then the horse drawn carriages in Atlanta should be shut down.

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