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Demand Congress creates a new method for reporting sexual assault in the military


During my training for the U.S. military I was violently raped, tortured and left to die by a superior.

You can watch my story in the video above.

I am not alone. Sadly, the Department of Defense reports that only 13.5% of sexual assaults within the armed services are ever reported—DoD estimates that over 19,000 such incidents occurred in 2010.

The military rarely prosecutes rape or sexual assault within its ranks and victims seldom get the medical care they need or the justice they deserve. My assailant, like thousands of others, has never been prosecuted. 

Currently, sexual assault in the military is reported through the normal chain of command. It’s not working.

Several nations have instituted sweeping reforms to fix similar problems in their armed services, including England, Australia and Canada.  It's time for the U.S. to act.

Please join me and other survivors now: Tell your representative to protect our defenders and support H.R. 3435, The STOP Act, to create a new system for handling sexual assault in the military outside the normal chain of command.

-Terri, Military Sexual Assault Survivor


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