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Demand CNN and sponsors invite former Gov. Gary Johnson to the June 13th NH Primary Debate!

Due to the other similar petition that is receiving a much quicker growth and response. I am closing mine and would like to direct you to sign the other campaign instead. It has been receiving much wider press and signatures for it are growing at an incredible rate and have already surpassed my petition.

The other petition is located at: CNN: Let Gary Johnson in the debate!
Mine will be closed at 4:P.M. CST today. Again thank you for your support and keep up the calls and e-mails. They are listening!

Thank you,

Charles Lupton

Old petition:

We can NOT let this happen we must have every American represented in this most crucial of decisions for the country. This is a travisty to not let his voice be heard. What more qualifications do you need beyond being a successful business man and a popular fiscally coservative two-term governor?

He is the only GOP candidate that is Anti-Drug War, Anti-War, Pro-Civil Unions, and Pro-Choice. He is for complete personal liberty!

Please sign this petition and make you voice heard! We must let all voices be heard!

This is the official campaign statement with sponsor contacts below:

Republican presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson released the following statement today in reaction to not being invited to participate in the June 13 New Hampshire Republican presidential primary debate:

“I respect the right of CNN and the other sponsors of the June 13 New Hampshire Republican presidential primary debate to apply their own criteria and invite who they choose.  It is, however, unfortunate that a significant segment of the Republican Party, and more importantly, millions of independent voters who might be Republican voters, will not have a voice on the stage in Manchester.

What will be missing is the voice of those who hold an undiluted view of individual liberty – those who believe that individual rights extend to women who face choices about abortion,  Americans who happen to be gay, and those who don’t place other asterisks on freedom.

Likewise, there will be no voice for the growing number of Americans who see the hypocrisy and failure of drug laws that condone alcohol at White House Dinners while incarcerating millions of Americans, including our kids, who choose to smoke pot.

I wish the participants in the debate well.  And I sympathize with the millions of Americans whose beliefs will not be on display in Manchester on June 13.

I look forward to participating in the July 10 debate in Las Vegas, sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform and the Daily Caller.”

Update: I'm including all the contact info here so you can also contact them directly!

Here is the contact info for CNN and the sponsors:

(404) 827-1500 or (202) 898-7900
Text: CNN (space) and your news tip to 772937 (don't forget the space after CNN).
Twitter: @CNN or @teamCNN

(603) 669-9999
Twitter: @WMUR9

Union Leader
(603) 668-4321 Twitter: @unionleader

Write, call, and e-mail them and make your voice heard!

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