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Earlier this week, Citibank closed the business account of social networking site for gay men, fabulis. When fabulis called to demand an explanation, they were told that their account had been suspended due to "objectionable content" on their blog. 

The first problem with this is that banks should not be acting like moral policy for their clients. The second problem with this is that there is no content on fabulis' blog to find objectionable - except their focus on a gay userbase. 

Our companies have too much power and responsibility to allow something like this to go ignored. We demand that Citibank not only restore fabulis' account, but that they provide a full explanation for their "objectionable content" policy and an explanation for why fabulis' blog was deemed objectionable. 


Letter to
Senior Vice President, Global Community Relations Eric Eve
Chief Operating Officer, Global Community Relations Shamina Singh
Director, North America Community Relations Gina Doynow
Earlier this week, your company shut down the account of gay networking site fabulis.

When they called to find out what had happened, no less than three of your employees told them the account had been suspended due to "objectionable content" on their blog, and that they were being reviewed to have their account terminated all together.

The problems with this are both the fact that there is any policy in place which would terminate a company's account because of their blog, and the fact that the only content that any one would find "objectionable" on their blog is their focus on a gay lifestyle.

This is a flagrant abuse of power, that is anti-customer at best and homophobic at worst. We demand that you restore fabulis' account, and that you offer all of your customers a full explanation for what happened.

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