Demand change from Adopt Me or Roblox as it's provider

Demand change from Adopt Me or Roblox as it's provider

11 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tinkers Official

We are a group of Roblox gamers who love the Roblox game, Adopt Me.

We are noticing numerous issues with the game that begin with game glitches to bullying, intimidation and theft.

Adopt Me is a game mainly focussed at children and although Roblox carries an advisory age of 7, there is no particular lower age limit and very young children are free to join as well as adults alike.

All games should be safe for everyone from young children to older adults, and the community should remain a safe space for all but Adopt Me is falling short of this in numerous ways and I will detail below.


The game has numerous game glitches whilst playing which forces gamers to restart the game, reload to a certain area or causing loss of items and unsaved changes.

Bullying, Harassment & Intimidation (TRIGGER WARNING)

Bullying, harassment and intimidation is becoming a very widescale problem on Adopt Me, this can range from basic name calling, teasing about what items a certain player has or does not have, to insults, swearing by bypassing chat filters, harassing players, intimidating them, threatening and even discriminating them due to where they are from, bringing world issues as an argument, race etc


This section can be quite widespread and some people may even disagree that the following is classed as theft, this can be by intimidating players, harassing them, being abusive if a player refuses a trade, abuse about the quality of a trade, hacking accounts, spamming and even theft of items by numerous techniques such as promising items, trust trading, lying about aspects of a trade or blackmailing users into giving items and I have even witnessed threats to hack if someone does not give them certain items.

Lets look at a fictional example of this.

Lets say a 7 year old girl is playing Adopt Me, she has a pet Giraffe and a 28 year old man comes along on the game (no suss behaviour in those terms) and he wants her Giraffe, he tells her he will give her 8 Sandwiches for her Giraffe and it is a great trade, so the girl does the trade, in actual fact, the sandwiches are worth nothing at all and the Giraffe (In Adopt Me terms) is classed as high value).

This grown adult has just lied to and misled a child, a child who, at 7 years old, probably doesn't understand that it was a bad trade, she loses her Giraffe and is very upset (GAME)

Now lets look at the other side of this situation.

This child is 7 years old, she has learning difficulties and is generally a very emotional child, as a result of this, she spends 5 days crying herself to sleep and is very emotionally affected by what has happened, and the adult, is just happy he got a Giraffe for nothing.

How on earth is this acceptable??????

I understand Adopt Me put warnings in place during the trading process to be aware of scams etc, but put yourself in the mind of a 7 year old child, do they even know what that means? 

I have known people tell people they are going to kill themselves and have done my own actions about this as a responsible adult, but why is this behaviour allowed to happen?

Adopt Me is one of the most popular games on the platform, Adopt Me spend so much time creating new pets and updates on the game, they are very vocal on social media but do not listen to our concerns.

It is time that Adopt Me stop ignoring these very serious matters and take action NOW to protect all their players.

I recently made contact with Adopt Me regarding this prior to approaching and explained the above.

I received a reply advising me that a manager would be in touch and received replies from Steven (Head of Player Support) basically saying he will ensure my feedback gets back to the team, and they will see what they can do with my feedback and concerns, and this is just not acceptable.

Where player safety and security is concerned, all other operations should immediately end and a solution found, I requested "in-game moderators" and said they could tackle a lot of the issues above "on the spot" but I was told by Steven that this was a very difficult task as they would need to employ an extra 22,500 staff to effectively moderate the game (in-game).

I suggested Voluntary In-Game Moderators (No pay) as I would be more than happy to get involved as I'm sure many other people would.

I basically received the reply I was expecting, that was that Roblox limit a lot of actions they can do and so it was very difficult, and yes, Roblox do manage things, but I know for a fact they can bring in-game moderators and bring in other measures to deal with emergency player safety and security.

Just bare in mind, that on this game, there are children of all ages, I have seen children on there saying they are 6 years old and possibly children younger than this.

It is absolutely paramount that Adopt Me now take action to protect people and improve their game, this can be done by:

  • Introducing In-Game Moderators (Paid or unpaid)
  • Working with Roblox on a solution to improve security
  • Fixing the numerous glitch issues in the game
  • Working to stop players who invade others' privacy, security and wellbeing (bare in mind that wellbeing in the real world can be affected by online behaviour)
  • Protecting players against abuse.
  • Ensuring Adopt Me is the game it was created to be, a loving, safe and secure environment for players to be free and express themselves.
  • Taking action against players who bully, intimidate, harass and discriminate against others.

Adopt Me - Your players are all people, all ages, all ethnicities with disabilities, learning difficulties, some may have faced physical, emotional, sexual or mental abuse, and the environment in which your game currently stands in, is not good for players wellbeing or health.

I play numerous games on Roblox that do not face such issues so this is solely an Adopt Me issue,

Your game is an amazing concept with amazing features and amazing future potential, but you need to take action now to secure the future, and I pride myself not only in child online safety and security, but protection of people, and standing up against bullies.

As a result of this action, I do not expect any victimisation or punishments of any kind and will take action if I experience such actions against myself or my account, I have a public right and duty to speak out if I feel the safety and security of players (especially vulnerable people) is at risk.

If this petition does not receive a suitable action in a suitable time frame, I will continue to follow Roblox' complaints procedure and continue until necessary action is taken.

I really do not want to cause a scene, but this is beyond a joke now and I have given numerous opportunities to talk, I have applied for numerous vacancies at Uplift Games so that I can make my voice heard more and be a part of change, I have contacted many times and we still face the same issues.

I do not act alone, we have a group of individuals who I will not name due to privacy and security, who feel the same and are taking screenshots and videos of such behaviour on an hourly and daily basis.

PLEASE take some action, I do genuinely believe, if you asked followers on Twitter if anyone would be willing to become a voluntary (unpaid) in-game moderator, the response would be overwhelming.

Thank you

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