Justice for Molu Zarpeleh (Brookings, South Dakota)

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Justice for Molu Zarpeleh, 10 year old boy found dead in a privately owned retention pond in Brookings, South Dakota on July 2, 2020. Molu was bullied and threatened with death by kids who then pushed him into the pond. The kids informed their parents what they had done and it was dismissed. Police began the search at around 10pm, the kids and parents hid the truth. Police initiated the search the next day at 7am and found the his body then. Molu's bike and sandals were found by the pond. Brookings Police Department is protecting the kids and parents, while another suspect was allowed to leave town after being released from Juvenile Hall on the 4th of July. Accurate information such as, kids pushing Molu into the pond exists via surveillance video, to not establish Molu's death as an accident and instead expose TRANSPARENCY. Demand Brookings Police department to treat this delicate case with extreme importance and accurately. Murder was done in Brookings, WE DEMAND JUSTICE! Some sources have now decided to pursue the case from BPD angle and support is extremely limited.

Please sign the petition! The Zarpeleh Family (parents & younger sisters) would really appreciate all honest help, they are scared and cannot process the cruelty. The GoFundMe below is to assist the family with financial burdens and to obtain justice, created by CeCe, Molu's aunt. 

Please share with family, friends and acquaintances all help is appreciated. Thank you!!

GoFundMe: https://gf.me/u/yfvvqa