Demand better working conditions

Demand better working conditions

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Started by Cassey Vyas

I am a nurse that's worked in geriatrics, mental health, and long term care placement along with assisted living and recovery for more than 10 years.

Covid keeps spreading, wonder why? I have seen things I never would have imagined,and It's time for us ALL to understand. There are basic expectations of the medical community that can NOT be met. Such as proper care and sanitation. That's a problem! We all deserve the right to dignity and respect. The sick, elderly, and staff are no exception. 

As a nurse I agreed to be a voice for those who were unable to have one, And it's time to use mine, and let their's be heard.

Issues as staffing shortages, supply shortages, unnecessary demands that in return make me cry at the end of my shift. Expectations that are impossible to meet, long hours, NO breaks, No time for even a snack, let alone to use the restroom. Forcing staff to work, even Covid positive. Demanding staff to return early who continue with active Covid symptoms "because of critically low staffing," All while there is no state regulations regarding just exactly how much staffing is considered appropriate or "critically low." No soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, or paper towels at times. Reusing or lacking proper safety equipment for patients, EVEN Covid positive patients. For isolation rooms, potentially exposed or the general population rooms. Lack of regular housekeeping, inability to provide enough clean linen, inadequate meals, or medication delays are just a small portion of the issues. All due to staffing. No role is too big or too small when patient care is our number one priority. But does it seem that our patients are being treated as number 1? Our patient's DESERVE BETTER. Let our voices be heard! WE CAN DO BETTER! 

My oldest son is a 19 year old CNA and the feel of Neglect of a dying patient to "hurry up" is Not why any of us started into nursing. I CAN spill staffing and statistics,  but these are OUR loved ones, our families, our relatives, our responsibility.  Why is it they deserve this? They DONT! Let's stand together for every person whose is hospitalized, has been hospitalized,  placed, in transition, And these workers who have given their everything to try and make the best out of their situation. We NEED HELP!

Demand a change! Demand better working conditions! For the medical world as a whole.  A staffing regulation for the amount of staff on shift. A safe and appropriate staff to patient ratio. This is about better working conditions in OUR nursing world. Give us Staff! Give us Supplies! Let us do our jobs the way we know we can! Medical Staff Unite!

We all follow the rules set forth by each facility as well as the governments regulations currently in place. Why can't we have a say, and make some rules of our own? Starting with demanding better working conditions!! 

Have a voice! Let's be heard! This is out of love, desperation, and safety. For the medical staff, and most importantly OUR LOVED ONES!

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1,156 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!