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Demand Apple to recall/fix iPhone 6 and 6 plus phones affected by 'Touch Disease'.

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'Touch Design' seems to be an issue for the iPhone 6 series, that is affecting a lot of people, including myself. I have already replaced my iPhone due to this issue, and now I cannot do anything about it due to the fact I am out of warranty. TD is an issue where there is reduce touch responsiveness and flickering on your screen. This issue is a design flaw with the motherboard and has already sparked a few class action lawsuits. Some are saying that this could relate to bend gate, which seems plausible as I need to bend my phone, in order to make it work.  

I am writing this petition to create a sense of urgency around this issue. I paid for a phone that has barely worked for me. I run a business and I am a single father, and if there is an emergency I am afraid that I will not be able to successfully use my phone if I need it. I have spoken with Apple and they don't want to support this issue. That seems to be consistent with every other user that has been complaining about this issue online. 

I have even tried to take my phone into  a repair show, and none of the repair guys want to touch the motherboard. This has brought be a great deal of frustration and I want to unite with other iPhone users to put pressure on apple to recall the phone and offer a replacement that works. I also want Apple  to extend the warranty due to the fact that the issue is a design flaw, which is affecting a lot of people. I like Apple products but I can't walk around with a defective phone, nor should I be required to shell about hundreds of dollars to get a new one. 

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