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Demand apology from Paripoornanada Swamy for his derogatory remarks on Mother Theresa.

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Sri. Paripoornanada Swamy is a saint / scholar / godman and  has been promoting and propagating the Advaita Philosophy and the principles of Sanatana Dharma. His Sreepeetham, a sacred center of Vedic learning and Advaitha philosophy as expounded by Sri Adi Sankara, is situated in Kakinada.

In his recent debate on a famous Telugu news  satellite channel (tv9) he made the following derogoretary  comments on Mother Theresa..

  1. what was the need for her to leave out many poor christian countries and come to India,
  2. that she duped 50,000 women and sent them abroad as nuns and that now these women are all disillusioned and distraught and are facing hardships. He claims to have proof of the same.
  3. He challanged as to how BHARAT RATNA the highest civilian honor of the country was confered on her.

The excerpt of this can be seen on YouTube @


  1. If 50,000 women were illegally cheated by Mother Theresa why hasnt even 1 spoken out??
  2. Why hasn't this man spoken of it shen she was alive?
  3. Why hasn't he rasied his voice when she was awarded the Bharat Ratna ??
  4. Why hasn't he gone to the court on behalf of at least 1 of those 50,000 women???
  5. Why does Paripoornanada Swamy go to foreign countries to impart religion there and raises funds for his activities?

How fit is it for a MAN who refrains others from touching him due to his presumed holiness to talk about a WOMEN who cleaned infected wounds with bare hands and cared for destitute with what she had.. leave alone hugging the untouchables..

If not for her would this man or his kind ever be able to do what Mother Theresa did? Surely, they would have left the untouchables stinking, decaying and dying.. THE UNTOUCHABLES WOULD HAVE REMAINED AS UNTOUCHABLES if not for her.

Surely it is because of her that now, such presumed godmen have started service activities.. and there too they only encourage their followers to do it but they have never done such an act..

Poor man... In his fight for survival and recognition he seems to have made a big fool of himself..

  • Such remarks showcase the country in bad light and demean the authority of the President of India in giving the award.
  • Hurting the sentiments of Christians and humanitarian aid workers
  • and trying to evoke communal unrest.

Let's DEMAND AN APOLOGY from Sri Paripoornanada Swamy and seek the intervention of the President and the Vice President of India in this issue.

See the strong rebuttal to this by Mr. Oliver Rayi, Convenor - Andhra Pradesh Christian Leaders Forum @

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