Demand an Investigation : NC Clerk of Court Archie Smith and PG County Angela Alsobrooks

Demand an Investigation : NC Clerk of Court Archie Smith and PG County Angela Alsobrooks

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Shaunesi DeBerry started this petition to U.S. House of Representatives and

Demand an Investigation Durham County Government and Prince George’s County Government  (Both the NC General Assembly and Maryland General Assembly refuse to take action so let’s see if your signature can help!

It’s a Sad Day in America When you can’t tell a layperson from an elected official, public servant, or attorney. 

While I would love for this to be a “family grievance”, it’s not. It’s just a ton of unethical people behind titles aiding my estranged relatives in public corruption that has now gone so far, I need the publics help getting justice.

Every constitutional right I have has been violated and in this moment I’d rather speak up how my father raised me to, than to allow this bizarre nightmare to happen to any other U.S. Residents. 

My father allegedly died “on or about” Nov. 17, 2020 with an open DSS Neglect Investigation. His time of death is UNKNOWN and his cause of death is inaccurate. Furthermore, Judges Clayton Jones, Shamieka Rhinehart, Brian Wills, David Hall, Nancy Gordon, Patricia Evans, John Smith, Michael O’Foguladha have allowed this to go on too long and too far.

Over 20 court hearings were held in a global pandemic for Judge Shamieka Rhinehart’s granting multiple 50 B restraining orders within minutes of each other to keep me from accessing my father’s body or home at any capacity. Over the last year multiple other above named judges have either aided my estranged family, or the negligent care giver in some of the most bizarre filings I’ve ever heard of in my life to “protect them from me”. The State of NC Judicial Standards Commission has written each one of the above named judges behavior off as “legal error”. 

Durham Courts and Judges have ruled that I not know where my father is buried, worked together with Taylor Avioli of Narron and Wenzel to help my estranged brother and Prince George’s County stalk my daughters and I out of the state of Maryland in the winter and a global pandemic so that he could illegally become Administrator of the estate. 

Elected Officials Archie Smith and Clarence Birkhead have aided directly in this corruption.

E.D. Barrier, Tuwana Capers, Laura Seamons, Lori Cole, Ryan Boyce, Carrie Rice and multiple other AOC workers have aided in this.

Durham County Government, Durham County Police, Burthey Funeral Home, TransitionsLife Care, Duke University Health Systems, North Carolina Central Univeristy, Prince George’s County Maryland DSS, County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, Judge Lakeecia Allen, Judge Stacy Cobb Smith, Judge Donnaka Varner, Director of Commissioners Timothy Haven, Aisha Braveboy, Santana DeBerry (Durham NC DA) all are very aware of what is going on and has been over the last 16 months and have either included themselves in it for their own personal gain, or used it as leverage to keep me from advocating vocally. 

My daughters and I were removed from my fathers death bed after making a complaint to DSS about multiple neglect acts by both his caregiver and Duke University Hospital Systems

Everyone including the funeral home only has a “on or about” day of death and his time of death is UNKNOWN.

His caregiver a former DSS worker admitted in court that my estranged brother wrote her malicious protective order, which she took out while my father was on his death bed and after she assaulted me. 

Through organized crime, my daughters and I were removed from my fathers home by Durham County Sheriff illegally. My father died in the meantime. The caregiver was represented on the record by Durham County Acting Attorney Willie S. Darby. With the help of Shamieka Rhinehart my rights were violated and a 1 year order that had no legal merit was entered. 

72 hours later Durham County Clerk of Courts partnered together and aided in my now estranged siblings putting 3 frivolous 50B orders on me, and the caregiver putting a malicious “show cause order” on me and my minor daughters. 

Although most of them were dropped, the city, county, clerks, district judges, superior judges and now the NC AOC have done everything in their power with huge law firms like McGuireWoods, Merritt Webb, and corrupt NC DOJ associate attorney generals and more to keep me from accessing any part of my fathers estate or even knowing exactly where his body is buried.

Additionally, my estranged brother has worked very close with Prince George’s County Government to file false CPS reports, bring my disabled mother to Maryland in the middle of a global pandemic to untruthfully tell them courts she feared of her life from me, I neglect my daughters, and that I refused to talk to her because I’ve decided to break generational curses and rid myself of toxic people. Prince George’s County Government and PGCPS school system has been harassing myself and another parent for over a year, most of them are elderly AA women who are very intimidated by young intelligence and I literally am putting out their fraudulent CPS Neglect Finding due to their conspiring with my eldest estranged brother at this moment! 

The State of NC held atleast 20 hearings in the global pandemic against me without allowing me to be present. 

Durham NC Police Records show that my father constantly called 911 alone and was released from the hospital mentally altered. Bowie MD police told me that they did not have any records of welfare checks to my old address there and after going public about my daughters and I being harassed by PGC DSS, they found the reports and it revealed that it was my estranged brother. 

In Prince George’s County Judges : Lakeecia Allen, Donnaka Varner, and Stacy Cobb Smith all denied my daughters and I relief from my estranged brother, however, it is now clearer that there had to have been some inside connections between the state of North Carolina and Maryland.

Holding North Carolina Accountable for its actions, I filed lawsuits against certain parties in which they were dismissed due to “legal error” by the judges causing me to have to appeal them, had the Clerk of Superior Court aid in refusing to hold my estranged siblings in contempt for their leaving me off the estate, adding me on as an aunt, then adding my name. Advising on the record that their was a will and safe, and much more.

The NC and MD courts have allowed my estranged family and multiple others do everything except tell me how my father died, his correct cause of death, and why they are so vested about interstate public corruption.

Obviously, it’s almost impossible to get attorneys who will be confident to go up against the big named attorneys so I’ve had to represent myself in all of these matters. 

While I would love to be this crazy, unfit, harassing bully, it was brought to my attention yesterday by National Trial Team Litigator Mark Anderson of McguireWoods that his entire firm stalks my social media pages. 

Again, nobody is able to tell me what happened to my father, how this interstate death and estate cover-up could possibly go away and a attorney is stalking my 1st Amendment & defaming me in his most recent filing to attempt to keep me out of the NC Courts and exposing others. 

I’ve started this petition to not only spread awareness on the bizarre extremes both Durham NC and Prince George’s County have gone, but also in hopes that I can find multiple attorneys who aren’t afraid of either Durham NC or Prince George’s County MD and willing to help me get the answers, justice, and closure my daughters and I deserve.

60 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!