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Demand an apology from Warner Bros.

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In the movie The Hangover: Part II, the character of Stu discovers he has had sexual relations with a trans-woman.   The joke of the scene is the reveal of a stripper as a pre-op M2F trans-person.   The joke is not only lacking humor, it is offensive to the trans-community.   The joke only works when it taps into the negative perception that trans-people are "gross", "weird", and sexually undesirable.  In the film, the characters continuously try to block the experience from their mind, unsuccessfully as the character of Alan keeps mentioning references to the experience.  As a trans woman said to me in response to the movie:  "It was one of the first times in a major motion picture I saw a body like mine on the screen.  And it was met with laughter and disgust.  And that hurt me.  It is completely offensive to me."

This letter is to the CEO of Warner Bros, Barry M. Meyer, and Susan Fleishman, VP of Communications, demanding an apology from Warner Bros.  This type of joke at the expense of the trans-community, treating trans-people like objects of the sex industry, prohibits the awareness that trans-people are members of society who contribute in all sorts of ways, and have healthy, loving lives with partners.  The trans-community should be respected, because it has been a struggle to receive respect.

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