Demand an Apology for Japanese YouTuber Promoting Second Rape #SexualHarassmentIsNoJoke

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TRIGGER WARNING : This page contains information about sexual assault and/or violence. 

July 17, 2019

TV and YouTube personality Jasmine Yuma of DJ group Represent Chikyu and agency Life Group (also the agency for Represent Chikyu) took to Twitter to announce that she will “resign from the agency due to severe power harassment and sexual harrassment from DJ Shacho (“Represent Chikyu” group leader).”

Jasmine’s tweet

July 20, 2019

Represent Chikyu uploaded a video on YouTube stating that “the sexual/power harassment directed at Jasmine was fake, and the resulting online criticism was a tactic to help increase her popularity.” (The video has since been taken down.)

We were shocked, and simultaneously felt that we couldn’t overlook this incident. We were appalled to see that this “promotion tactic” was met with a substantial amount of positive response.

By using the social impact of sexual violence for individual benefit, Represent Chikyu has promoted the “second rape” of sexual violence survivors.

The “second rape” refers to the subtle ways in which a rape survivor encounters subsequent social and psychological harm from the community, such as victim-blaming, interrogation, and dehumanization. 

We fear that these actions of “second rape” by Represent Chikyu will trigger further distrust towards sexual violence survivors, and cause further secondary victimization of survivors. We fear that this will ultimately lead to a society where sexual violence accusations cannot be made at all.

If Jasmine were to truly encounter sexual violence in the future, she might be treated like the boy who cried wolf. She might be forced to endure second rape because “it’s probably just another fake accusation.” 

Please sign and share our petition demanding that Represent Chikyu apologize, take back their comments, and never commit such harmful acts in the future.


#セクハラはネタじゃない ( #SexualHarassmentIsNoJoke)

#なくそうセカンドレイプ ( #NoMoreSecondRape)

According to the 4th iteration of a survey investigating actual (dark numbers) crime data conducted by the Ministry of Justice, only 18.5% of Japanese women come forward with accusations of sexual violence.

On June 7, 2019, the Mass media, Information and Culture Union of Japan estimated that 82.9% of women and 19.4% of men have “experienced sexual harassment,” which adds up to 69.1% of the general population. Of those who have experienced sexual harassment, 66% have NOT reported their cases. At this stage, it is extremely difficult for sexual violence survivors to bring their cases into the public sphere, let alone take legal action.

We are SEX and the LIVE!!, a project team working towards an inclusive, diverse society where everyone can embrace their sexuality and lives, as well as the sexuality and lives of others. We start conversations on familiar topics to cultivate a culture that welcomes discussions of sex.

More about the SEX and the LIVE project

Comments from activists:

Kinoko (Petition founder)

I used to support Represent Chikyu, since they’re from my hometown. I viewed them as an awesome, passionate group that invigorated the entertainment industry. Because of that, this incident really disappointed me. I condemn their behavior in this case, but I truly believe that they are a talented enough group to attract attention without using such deplorable tactics. Correct your mistakes, but please continue your work, and keep empowering your audience.

Ayako Urasawa (SEX and the LIVE!! project leader)

I have felt the severity of the “second rape” firsthand, through my own experience as a sexual violence survivor and through my work to support and educate the community on this issue. Many survivors endure longer, worse harm from the “second rape” than the rape incident itself. Understanding the current condition of sexual violence is crucial to preventing secondary victimization of survivors. Even those who mean well could unknowingly promote secondary victimization of survivors. I would like for all involved in this promotion plan to understand this fact, and use this as an opportunity to think deeply about sexual violence. I wish for Represent Chikyu to entertain not with the erasure of survivors, but with the intent to empower them.

Asuka Someya

Fake allegations of sexual/power harassment are not funny at all. Not only that, but they violate the trust of those who believed in the alleged victim, they encourage acts of “second rape,” increase the community’s doubt in the allegations of actual sexual assault survivors. 
It should not be the role of artists and entertainers to demean and harm their audience for attention.
Before you dismiss our criticisms as a mere reflex response from “antis”, I invite you to see this issue from our perspective and from the perspective of sexual assault survivors.

Manami Takada

It’s hard work to give people courage, to cheer people up.

The same goes for sexual violence survivors who share their names, faces, and traumatic experiences with the public to spread awareness. 

Sharing one’s traumatic experiences with the goal to make life more comfortable for as many people as possible is harder than you would imagine.

It saddens me to see a movement created by the arduous work of brave survivors be hindered for the purpose of “entertainment bait.”

I ask: what does entertainment mean to you?


Through movements like the #MeToo movement, women worldwide are holding sexual violence perpetrators accountable, and demanding the rights of survivors. Amidst this work, a fake staging of sexual assault as “attention bait” is deplorable. 

We demand that Represent Chikyu apologize for and take back their actions, and that they never commit such actions again.

We muse raise our voices to eliminate the “second rape” of sexual violence survivors.


“Web survey on sexual harassment and workplace response,” Cross-industry Sexual Harassment Survey Committee, Japan Mass Media, Information and Culture Union (MIC)

//SEX and the LIVE!! Project