Demand Amazon make warehouses safer and humane for workers.

Demand Amazon make warehouses safer and humane for workers.

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Amazon’s warehouses are not the safest place to work. In the U.S. and Europe, there have been accounts of management treating Amazon’s warehouse workers poorly, even going so far as to restrict breaks and bump up quotas so far that employee injuries are the norm. Demand Amazon make warehouse conditions safer for workers.

Amazon is one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Fulfillment centers and warehouses are the backbone of their business model, but warehouse employees face insurmountable tasks and health risks to make sure Amazon’s customers get their packages on time.

Recently at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey, 24 employees were sent to the hospital after one of the fulfilment robots cracked open a can of bear spray. This isn’t the first time an Amazon warehouse had to send workers away in an ambulance. (Please find link below.)  In one U.K. fulfillment center, Amazon sent 600 employees to the hospital over an entire year. For comparison, a neighboring supermarket warehouse only had 8 incidents over that same period. This is not normal. This is not humane. Tell Amazon to improve the safety of their warehouses.

Demand that Amazon create a safe, humane working environment for their employees. That should include: allowing appropriate bathroom breaks, giving 30-minute lunch breaks, implementing safety policies for their robots, creating an anonymous feedback cycle for employee comments, and reporting every workplace injury to relevant federal and state government agencies.

These types of fulfilment centers have anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 full time employees - all packing, sorting, unloading, and delivering thousands of packages everyday; alongside hundreds of robots which create health and safety hazards for workers. Managers keep workers to a tight schedule, even going so far as to punish talking and discourage breaks. Amazon couldn’t exist without these workers. Demand Amazon to put their workers first, make warehouses safer for employees.