Demand airlines provide full refunds for COVID 19 cancellations BEFORE government bailouts

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Many airlines are refusing to provide refunds for flights that have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Instead they are  offering  a rebooking later in the year or travel vouchers. This is unconscionable. Many people will not be able to take advantage of this because of ill-health, death, financial problems or work issues. Think how many billions of our dollars the airlines are now using as interest-free loans while many of their customers, desperately seek to survive financially during mass layoffs and business closings. Our money which the airlines are holding onto includes airport fees, surcharges and taxes that you can bet have not been submitted to the relevant authorities.

As for the poor airlines, they are of course counting on receiving government bailouts (ie our tax dollars) and do not need to worry. Or do they? I am calling by way of this petition for the Canadian government to refuse to provide bailouts for any Canadian airline that does not fully refund its Canadian customers now. And for the Canadian government to apply sanctions to any foreign carrier flying into Canada that does not fully refund its Canadian customers now.

                             WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK. NOW!!