Demand action at MacFarland, CA animal shelter for animals suffering in high temps

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The conditions at the mcfarland animal shelter are terrible and we demand change.  Someone who will actually care for the animals and give them the treatment they deserve should be hired to have on site.  Volunteers should be allowed to come help with the animals. They should be provided medical care.The shelter should also consider opening to the public and doing more networking to get these animals their forever homes. 

*The animals are not provided with shade,  and spend their days on hot cement in 100+ degree weather.

*There has been shade cloths donated which have not been put up by the single employee at the shelter. 

*The dogs have little to no human interaction on a daily basis.

*They aren't given any veterinary care. Every dog in the past 6 months has had giardia because kennels are washed down with the dogs in them. Dogs have left with untreated ailments: open sores, broken bones, oozing eyeballs, burnt paws, malnourished (even after being there for months), parvovirus, untreated or ignored worms, tic infestation, and untreated UTI'S.

*swimming pools have been donated and not used.

*A barn was donated to be used for small dogs and puppies which is currently being used as an office and to store junk.

*portable a.c. units were donated and never put to use

Bellavitarescue (click link to see photos and more info) has been instrumental in pulling these dogs to get them out of the sun, get them veterinary care, and find them homes. 

These animals can't speak for themselves, we are their voice. The life they're living at this shelter is cruel, and no animal should be treated this way while they are scared, alone, and in a stressful situation.These animals deserve to be treated with love and kindness until they find their forever homes. Someone who cares needs to be at that shelter. We need to open it to volunteers that are willing to care for these animals. They deserve so much more.

If you can't sign or share the petition, but would like to donate please DO NOT donate to the McFarland shelter.  The donations do not go to the care of the animals.  Do your research before you donate to a rescue.  I recommend donating to Bellavitarescue or Deityanimalrescue in this case.  They are the 2 rescues that are working so hard to help the animals at this shelter