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Demand Accountability in Deborah Peagler's Case

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley and his top deputies engaged in what a Superior Court judge termed "grave misconduct" in the case of Deborah Peagler. Cooley and his office entered into a written agreement to free Deborah Peagler from California prison (decades after she was wrongfully prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for the murder of the man who abused her). Despite evidence in the District Attorney's files that Ms. Peagler's conviction was founded on "perjury," and after admitting in a 2005 letter that her release would "serve the interests of justice," Cooley reversed course and opposed Ms. Peagler's release. Cooley's actions in refusing to honor his own written word in this case appear to be unethical, as do his attempts to minimize the overwhelming evidence that proves Ms. Peagler was a victim of domestic violence and sex trafficking. If our justice system is to have any meaning, Cooley's actions should be investigated and there must be accountability for any wrongdoing.

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