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Demand a Yes or No: Would the GOP presidential candidates restrict access to birth control?

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The latest battle in the War on Women is over birth control. And many of the Republican candidates for President have supported or voted for legislation that would severely curtail women's access to birth control or are supported by Religious Right leaders who go well beyond opposition to abortion to opposition to contraception itself.

Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry have all supported stripping Planned Parenthood of the federal funding it uses, in part, to provide contraceptives to women. And all of the leading Republican candidates except Jon Huntsman supported a Mississippi ballot initiative that would have outlawed forms of birth control like the pill and IUDs.

The right to use contraceptives was guaranteed in the Supreme Court ruling in Griswold v. Connecticut. This ruling guaranteed a right to privacy and deemed it unconstitutional to outlaw birth control. Presidential candidates who supported the Mississippi initiative implicitly supported overturning this important precedent. The public has a right to know explicitly which presidential candidates seek to overturn Griswold, whether through judicial appointments, legislation or constitutional amendments that would make it possible for states to ban birth control.

Do the Republican presidential candidates want to make it constitutional to ban birth control in America? Demand a yes or no answer.

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