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Demand a REAL Investigation of Bhutto's Assassination

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Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated and Pakistan's growing movement for democratic reforms has been derailed. The first woman ever elected to govern a Muslim nation and one of the region's great liberal leaders has been lost.

Governments have been quick to blame al-Qaeda and the Taliban, two of our main enemies in the "War on Terrorism." And though Islamic terrorists may certainly be involved in Bhutto's murder, we should not allow ourselves or our governments to paint this as a simple example of the forces of evil attacking a hero of good. There is nothing simple about the former primer minister's assassination. We must demand a thorough investigation of the circumstances and conspirators surrounding her death for the sake of democracy in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, there is a long tradition of failure to investigate political assassinations in Pakistan. Musharraf must invite the international community to advise and monitor the investigation. Whether his administration was directly involved or it was rogue elements, there is evidence that Bhutto's security was deliberately compromised.

Though the fundamentalists are known to have wanted her dead, they are just one of many factions in the country with motives. For example, Bhutto's willingness to give the US access to A. Q. Khan, the father of Pakistan's nuclear program and head of an international clandestine nuclear proliferation ring, made her many enemies in Pakistan's military and intelligence establishment.

A legitimate and extensive investigation is the only way Pakistan can cleanse its government of traitors and extremists. And above all, Pakistan's people deserve the truth.

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