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Delta airlines recently removed two imams from a flight headed to North Carolina, because passengers felt uncomfortable with their presence -- both clad in Islamic attire. They went through security, even went through secondary security, and got on the plane and were taxiing out. But then, they were taxied back...'TSA came on and pulled them off and said the pilot was refusing to fly with them because passengers were uncomfortable with them"


1. Please sign the petition to send a message that this is unacceptable behavoir from their employees, and that they need to institue policies to make sure it doesn't happen again.

2. Call Delta at 1-800-221-1212 and complain!


Letter to
Vice President Allison Ausband
Director, Customer Care Toby Broberg
Manager, Customer Care Heidi Gould
and 6 others
In-Flight Training Services Delta
Kevin Pinto
Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson
Tom Slocum
Pilot Training Services Delta
I am outraged to read the news about one of your pilots’ reaction to the presence of two passengers on his plane who appeared to be Muslims. One would think in this day and age, and with as much proliferation of information that we have, that we as Americans would have risen above such bigotry. These stories say a lot about the pilot, but it says a lot more about the company that employs such a pilot. It is easy to hide behind the claim that “some passengers might be uncomfortable” with their being on the plane. The right thing would have been for Delta to replace the pilot or find different accommodations for the uncomfortable passengers.

According to the articles, the Muslim passengers, who are frequent fliers, underwent security screenings twice with no problems with TSA. What is the point of all this time and money and utter inconvenience of such security measures if the bias of passengers continues to dictate who is allowed to fly?

My understanding is that Delta flies to and operates from more and more Muslim nations nowadays. If a number of Muslim passengers were to complain that they did not feel comfortable with the presence of a person they deem suspicious, such as a Rabbi or priest dressed in their religious wear, would Delta accommodate their bigotry? Highly doubtful, and the right thing to do. Delta’s reaction as a company should have been as such in this incident – namely, not to accommodate such unfounded fear. If such passengers insist on being irrational after assurances that these men passed screening and are not a threat, perhaps they should reconsider flying in this day and age.

I am insulted that the airline allows such discriminatory practices. Until this incident has been remedied, I do not feel comfortable flying with Delta Airlines. I will also advise others not to fly with Delta Airlines. Such bigotry will not be tolerated by our Muslim community.

It is my hope that Delta would act like a responsible international company, make amends to the affected passengers, adopt new guidelines for non-discriminatory employee behavior, institute sensitivity training for all employees - including those of regional operators - and adopt a clear set of guidelines and consequences for employees who violate the code of conduct. You should make clear that discrimination is not the American way.

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