Keep the Irene Thomas Delta Hospice open

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The Delta Hospice should remain open and the nurses and staff should be re-hired. Patients who are receiving end-of-life care should not have to move to other facilities, further exposing them to Covid-19 and the stress and pain of moving.

Please join the Delta Hospice as a member for $10. If it comes down to a vote, your vote will matter

The board should cooperate with the Fraser Health Authority so that operations of the Hospice can continue, uninterrupted during the transition period. This is a publicly funded, community supported Hospice that was built to serve the residents and families of Delta and the Lower Mainland (if seeking palliative care, one can request where they go, if space is available). The board's personal, extreme religious beliefs and conservative political views about the legal access to MAiD should not be the reason that this wonderful Hospice gets shut down temporarily and patients have to move out. This small board of 7 people and their followers have such a narrow, exclusionary focus, and should not dictate end-of-life options for others. The Delta Hospice board needs to cooperate with Fraser Health or resign immediately.

Our father, Cecil Hardy, received what he is calling an "eviction notice" that he will be moved to another facility by February 24th. He went into Delta Hospice on December 23rd and does not want to leave. He hasn't been out of his bed in a month and transportation and movement is very traumatizing for him. He is already worrying about this move and saying he may just "give up". This is heartbreaking to hear and to write. Cec was a teacher, counsellor and coach to many students and athletes in the community, at DSS and Seaquam Secondary. 

We are asking that you join as a member and sign this petition to put pressure on the board to do what is right; cooperate with Fraser Health or resign. Our hope is the Hospice can remain open uninterrupted so that families can spend quality time with their loved ones at their most vulnerable stage with the loving support from dedicated nurses and staff.

Please, become a member ($10) through the "Take Back Delta Hospice", so that your vote will count if there is a chance to stop this board.

With clear eyes and full hearts,

Shannon, Margo & Allison Hardy