Petition Delta Gamma Executive Offices to withdraw support for the Safe Campus Act

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The Safe Campus Act, if passed, will cause many sexual assaults to go unreported. Women should have the option of how to report their assault, and not be put through the trauma of a full scale investigation by both the police and the university. Though well intended the bill has many problems. Victim advocacy groups as well as 6 other members of NPC have pulled support. Below is the letter that will accompany this petiton to EO. 

Dear Executive Offices,

The proposed legislation, The Campus Safety Act, has received support from the National Panhellenic Council. However, six organizations (Alpha Phi, Phi Mu, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Phi Epsilon, Gamma Phi Beta) have officially pulled their support for this legislation that would have harmful ramifications for victims of sexual assault. These survivors should have a choice of who they feel safer confiding to about the crime that has taken place. Taking away the option of reporting to the school, and forcing victims to report directly to the police will cause many to stay silent. While this bill was well intentioned, it could be a huge step backward. Several advocacy groups have renounced this bill as well, stating the harm it could cause and the number of incidents that will go unreported. Unfortunately many of our sisters have been victims of sexual assault, and it would pain me to think that we as an organization are not doing what is in the best interest of our members, and young women on campuses all across the nation.


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