Make Mandatory that Commercial Airline Seats be a Minimum of 32 inches in Pitch Apart.

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            With the current health crisis of COVID19 upon us, we have been made keenly aware of social distancing and the literal lengths of proximity to others that have an effect on our health. The most vulnerable of situations is in an aircraft.

            As the years have gone by, the airline companies have made legroom smaller and smaller to cram more passengers onboard to raise profits. For years, consumers have been rallying for more legroom to which it has fallen on deaf ears on both the airlines and legislatures that could fix the issue by caring enough to write better consumer protection laws.

            While COVID 19 has grounded many flights, this would be the perfect time for airlines to retrofit their aircraft to meet these new standards.

            We know that once airlines are back flying fully operational, they will charge more for flights per seat. They will most likely try to squish even more seats on the plane to make up for lost revenue. They have already shown what their ‘contactless’ seating will look like and there is absolutely no legroom.  Let’s nip this last part in the bud before it starts.

Sign this petition. Write to your elected officials that you want it made MANDATORY that commercial airlines operating in, departing from, and entering America have seats position a minimum of 32 inches (81.28 cm) in pitch apart. Additionally, 15 inches from the end of the seat cushion to the locked upright tray table seat in front is also recommended.

Reasoning: Safety

Allows more space for social distancing. Most airlines have been only operating with 28”- 32” pitch. If you have been on a flight you know this is not enough

Better sanitation: More space for cleaning crews to get into spaces and crevices that are hard to reach with vacuum and cleaning sprayers. (15 inches from the end of the seat cushion to the locked upright tray table seat in front will allow a standard size upright and/or powerhead vacuum head to go in between the seats easier than they are currently able to do now).

Preserve one’s humanity and dignity: The Average male height is 5’ 9” (69 inches or 174 cm) and a BMI of 29.1. (CDC, 2018  Most clothing charts list an average of 31” inseam length for this body type. The 32 inches of seat pitch will offer better legroom for the average size American better than the  28-30 inch pitch length currently used on flights.

Easier exit during emergency evacuation: The less a person is cramped in a seat and can move more freely, the better chance of exiting a plane and surviving.

Less leg & lung pulmonary embolism (PE) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT): The CDC recommends that a person “Move legs frequently when on long trips and exercise your calf muscles to improve the flow of blood. If you’ve been sitting for a long time, take a break to stretch your legs. Extend your legs straight out and flex your ankles (pulling your toes toward you). Some airlines suggest pulling each knee up toward the chest and holding it there with your hands.on your lower leg for 15 seconds, and repeat up to 10 times.” to combat PE and DVTs. (CDC, 2020 *

*How can passengers do this when they are asked to remain fastened in their seat at all times and to not linger in the cabin. A seat without legroom to allow enough movement to put knees to chest nor allow passengers to stretch legs straight out without being obstructed by the seat in front of them. Shoving people in a tin can like a sardine is no way to be treated. Especially, when you are stuck on the tarmac for hours at a time with young children.