Deliveroo: Improve working conditions for delivery workers!

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My name is Jeremy, I am 29 years old and I have been a biker for Deliveroo in France for 2 years. I work 50 hours a week and cycle about 3000 km a month by bike for work. I started my activity with passion but the working conditions of delivery workers across the world including the UK is deteriorating more and more.

The new pricing of Deliveroo implemented this July is unacceptable and it means that we aren’t paid enough to survive. We are the ones hidden behind your meal deliveries - our polite smiles wishing you a good appetite conceal a silent misery that we can no longer keep quiet pedalling ever faster to earn less. 

Our minimum rate has been halved. But this is a company that has seen their turnover increase fourfold in the past. Deliveroo's profit has increased, yet we don’t have the chance to negotiate our working conditions.

Officially everything is running smoothly, but our working conditions are deteriorating as fast as our bicycles. In France, Deliveroo remains profitable (146% growth in one year). I wish their success matched the way we are treated.

So we need you! You have the power to make a difference. Please help us to make our voices heard a little more. 

We’re calling on Deliveroo to:

  • Return a decent and fixed minimum rate per trip
  • Systematic reinstatement of bonuses (bad weather...)
  • Display of the actual distance before accepting a delivery
  • Official organisation of a representative body of bikers with real negotiating power

This battle is a pioneering battle to face the rise of uberisation in many areas. If this petition succeeds, it will be a collective victory because it is in everyone's interest - if it fails, the situation will only get worse. 

Thank you for your support.