New Yorkers Stand With Survivors

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According to the Stop Abuse Campaign, 43,000 children in New York are sexually abused every year, yet 9 out of 10 abusers never see time behind bars. 

Year after year, New York State has the opportunity to make it easier for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to take legal action as adults, but the Senate fails to bring the Child Victims Act to the floor for a vote. 

New York needs to do better.

By passing the Child Victims Act, legal timeframes that currently restrict the ability for victims to bring criminal and civil cases would be greatly extended. Additionally, a one-year revival period would also be created, allowing survivors who were previously barred from bringing a civil claim the ability to bring a new action.

Crisis counselors say childhood sexual abuse victims can often take years to process their grief, if they are ever able to process it at all. Under current New York State law, we’re not only failing to give victims the time they need to grieve this unimaginable offense, but we’re allowing abusers the opportunity to commit these tragic acts again.

An overwhelming 79% of New Yorkers support the passage of this bill. Now is the time to make your voice heard.

If you believe passing the Child Victims Act needs to be a priority in 2018, sign this petition and let your representative know you want them to vote YES on behalf of New York's survivors.