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Do not require Lullaby House Inc. to have an "Open Door Policy"

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There is a situation that Lullaby House Inc. is asking for your help with. The office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) is giving Lullaby House Inc. an issue with their security policy that if they are to follow what OCCL is telling them to do can result in a danger to the children. OCCL is stating that Lullaby House Inc. must have an "open door policy" meaning that Lullaby Inc. must allow anyone who wants, the ability to walk through the building unescorted and unimpeded. Lullaby House Inc.'s policy has always been that if and when a parent wants to see their child in their classroom they will be escorted by a member of the administration to their child's classroom where they can observe or interact if they wish. Lullaby House Inc. has never asked for prior notice, just the courtesy of asking at the time you show up and wish to walk through, so that Lullaby House Inc. knows who is in the building. The safety and security of the children and the staff at Lullaby House Inc. is the number one priority and Lullaby House Inc. not believe that anyone off the street should be allowed in the building and have unescorted access to the children. This is why Lullaby House Inc. has a code on the front door installed and several doors inside the building. The Office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) then instructed Lullaby House Inc. that they were not allowed to have the indoor door coded and they must remove the coded lock. Lullaby House Inc. complied, however, they are still objecting to the additional security. Lullaby House Inc. has made several attempts to get this cleared up by contacting the Department of Homeland Security and the cabinet secretary for Division of Services for Children Youth and their Families, both stated that the policy in place is fine and complies with DSCYF's and OCCL's regulations, however Lullaby House Inc. is still being told by the OCCL that Lullaby House Inc. is not in compliance for security. Lullaby House Inc. is asking that everyone help by signing this petition and/or writing a letter to OCCL informing them that you want more security for the children not less. Thank you for your continued support and assistance.

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