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Stop this INNOCENT dog from being wrongfully killed

Katie is a female golden retriever mix, she is only 3 years old and got out a few weeks back and ran off, she was picked up by the Delaware County Dog Warden, When we went to pay the fee to release her they told us she couldn't be released because she was involved in an attack on someone. She is the biggest baby and not aggressive at all. They have no evidence that she was the one involved in the attack. There were 2 other dogs picked up in the same area, the same day. Katie had no blood on her, no bite marks have been matched back to her, They are doing nothing but dragging out the court case, in the meantime racking up a $25 fee each day, these total over $700 dollars now and could reach in the thousands by the time the case is heard. If the amount isn't paid then she will be killed. Help save this INNOCENT dog from being killed by calling and making a complaint to the Delaware County Dog Warden as well as spreading the message and sharing this petition. The numbers to call are posted below. Thanks for your support!

DOG WARDEN: JOHN, 740-368-1915



“Katie” is a loving and obedeiant 3 year old Retriever mix dog who is being held for allegedly biting a person after getting out from her home with another dog a few weeks ago.  

With no direct evidence (blood, dna, bite impressions?) this dog is being detained and held from her owner with a holding charge of 25$ per day before the hearing.  With no date even set in sight, how can ANY owner even begin to prepare for this financial burden?

These fees amount to over $700 dollars currently for the owner and could easily be into the thousands by the time the case is heard with the County’s lack of cooperation and explanation so far. Also, if not paidin FULL at the time of this unknown hearing date, the dog will be KILLED.

The county “prides themselves in being Dog Friendly, User Friendly, and of course People Friendly” but myself and many others feel that greater support and contact with the owner and family of this dog is needed. This case should be expedited to ensure no more financial hardship to the family and to prevent this dog from wrongfully being killed.  This can be a learning lesson to improve the hearing process for pets in the future as well. A dogs life can be saved and a family can go home happy, all with a little bit of cooperation.

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