No more Rodeo in Muncie, Indiana!

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The Muncie, Indiana rodeo is inhumane and must be cancelled. This event occurs at the local fair, which claims to provide fun, family-friendly entertainment for the whole community, but it’s time to choose another event that doesn't harm animals.

The rodeo consists of contestants roping calves as fast as possible. The inevitable bruises, broken bones, ribs, and possible death of the calves are coupled with the stress these animals endure while traveling in crowded, ill-ventilated trucks. Additionally, the animals are underfed, as per rodeo rules. This torture doesn’t seem worth it for a couple of minutes of entertainment.

The county fair has a habit of holding animal cruelty events masked as family fun. Pig wrestling, the rodeo, and the horse and pony pull. Animals should not be tormented or abused while alive. 

Please join me in asking the Delaware County Fair Board of Muncie, Indiana to stop the rodeo from here on out and replace it with events that do not promote violence to animals.