Cancel the cruel hog wrestling event for the 2015 county fair and future years.

Cancel the cruel hog wrestling event for the 2015 county fair and future years.

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Delaware County Fair Board, Muncie Indiana

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Started by Tina York

This petition is being re-opened to make sure this event will not be part of fair events for 2016. Please choose events that are not animal cruelty or promote violence to kids in a city already full of violence.

We the signed ask the Delaware County Fair Board of Muncie,Indiana to cancel the 2015 (and future years) hog wrestling event, and choose another event that doesn't promote cruelty to animals.

Using pigs as entertainment for humans is inhumane & cruelty to animals! The pigs have no choice of whether they want to “wrestle humans” or not, they cannot give consent. As a matter of fact, a pig cannot physically wrestle a human, it’s physically impossible. Some fairs have already eliminated hog wrestling from their events due to the abuse & cruelty they experience.  During a “Hog Wrestling Event”, pigs are put into a mud pit where teams of 4 or more adults or children chase them, grab them, and at times fall on them, with the goal to throw the pig into a tire within a certain amount of time.

The photo above showing a pig squealing in fear provides an example of the cruelty endured by the animals. Besides the clearly visible stress and fear the pig’s experience, many can also become physically injured as well. Physical injuries such as: physical torsional stress on the pig’s joints, broken bones, heart failure due to extreme fear & stress, aspirating water or inhaling mud when tackled, especially as they are wrestled to the ground causing the pig to not be able to breathe. Pigs are very sensitive to pain according to professors of Purdue University, as well as intelligent beings.

There are countless photos and videos online of pigs assaulted by teams of humans that show pigs being hoisted by their front legs, their bodies forced into abnormal positions. Some photos show children grabbing & pulling their ears just to get them onto the tire. One video shows a pig with her head forced into the mud, when she finally struggles back up she spews out the muddy slop. If a dog or cat were treated in this manner, charges of cruelty would result.

Hog Wrestling is not wrestling! The Definition of Wrestling is as follows: "a sport or contest in which two unarmed individuals struggle hand to hand with each attempting to subdue or unbalance the other." Hog Wrestling does not meet the definition of wrestling. Hog Wrestling is where a small targeted animal is overwhelmed by groups of much larger stronger individuals and children. The animal is grabbed, shoved into the mud, dragged and thrown onto a tire. The pig is physically incapable of being able to “wrestle” a human.

Hog Wrestling is in conflict with 4-H standards & guidelines "Animal welfare is a growing concern in this country today and warrants some attention during county fairs and any other 4-H livestock event. Therefore, it is imperative that we show all general audiences at these livestock events that we as keepers of animals do know the right way to raise and care for livestock. While we are at the fair showing livestock we are under the watchful eye of the general public. This gives us a great opportunity to show all kinds of people the method in which we care for our livestock”.  The following is a list of guidelines which should be helpful in preventing any misconceptions that the public or any special interest groups may have about the way we raise livestock. The proper care of animals in a public setting should receive primary attention. Two of those Guidelines are:  1) Handle animals in a very humane way. 2) Avoid stressing the animal. However, they don’t seem to be very concerned by the events even though they clearly violate their guidelines.

Hog Wrestling is a health concern, and should actually have the attention of the health department, yet it’s allowed. During these events, like dogs when frightened, the pigs will urinate & defecate in the mud where humans fall into or roll around, even getting the mud pit concoction inside their mouths, nose, or eyes. Those who participate are only allowed in designated areas to clean up after and nowhere else until they have fully cleaned up and changed clothing. These rules show they are fully aware of the health concern that comes with the event.

Whether a domesticated animal, or farm animal, an animal is an animal that feels fear, love, ect and no animal should have to be terrorized by barbaric humans for their entertainment. This event is abusive & cruelty to animals and promotes violence.

It's a proven fact that violent criminals first start out harming animals when young, and move onto humans. Promoting hog wrestling to children is teaching them that abuse is ok, even for their entertainment. Children exposed to cruel events such as this are more likely to grow up and further harm more animals and people. The city should instead be setting a positive example for its youth, and teaching them that harming animals, especially for entertainment, is wrong and inhumane. Adults who participate in cruelty to animals such as this are also more likely to abuse their children as well. In a city with a very high crime rate, which includes child abuse and domestic violence, these events should be banned not promoted. The way a city treats all of its animals and children shows the character of said city.

There are many non-violent forms of entertainment for humans that could be held instead, such as, human mud wrestling (two humans), mud football, bicycle races, art contests, science fair, paint ball tag, water gun tag, K9 officers could show K9 training, archery contests, cooking contests, things that encourage using your talents, not violence. The number of other types of events are endless. 


 I, nor this petition have any association with Joel Kerr, the Indiana Animal Rights Alliance, or any org!!!

48,213 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!