Delaware County Corruption: An Investigation is Overdue

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The hostility of the lower court emerged when Superior Court VACATED the lower court’s order on July 8, 2004 in “favor” of Paula Lombardi. If Superior Court had not vacated Judge Pagano's Order, Lombardi's rights under the New Jersey Note for repayment of a loan to her opponent for $20,000 would have ended.

Since Lombardi prevailed in Superior Court, the retaliation and abuse from the Delaware County Court escalated. This case has been deliberately delayed to deny Paula Lombardi her property & constitutional rights. Since Snyder never paid his debt under the note, Lombardi's escrow funds of $22, 685 should have been returned to her.

In the end, coercion took place to remove the NJ lien without payment to Lombardi and the Court “cannot” show proof of the alleged disbursements from Lombardi's escrow account. 

It now appears that NO escrow account was ever established for Paula Lombardi.

The Delaware County Office of Judicial Support in Media Pa. is desperate to BLOCK Lombardi from discovering the truth of who really got her money!  click for video          

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