Stop Stage 1 - Sumner County Schools Temporary Rezoning Plan

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Who are we?

Stop Stage 1 is a group of concerned families and citizens affected by the proposed temporary changes to Sumner County school zones. Our goals are to provide alternative solutions to the current proposal while remaining empathetic to the needs of the county as a whole. We have two areas of focus:

Stop Stage 1 (Temporary Rezoning)

Temporary rezoning has the potential to disrupt the learning environment for all K-12 students attending the Beech and Station Camp schools. Under the proposed Stage 1 plan, some students may change schools as many as 5 times before graduating. The educational and psychological impact of these transitions can affect the overall performance of every student in each of those schools, not just those individuals being transferred.

Another concern is the strain these temporary changes will place on the affected neighborhoods. Many families in these areas are active participants in their current schools. Stage 1 changes can affect more than just test scores. Athletics, fundraising, and overall community support may falter under these conditions. Additionally, these areas may be negatively affected by the unnecessary increase in traffic.

Support Growth (Stage 2)

The proposed development of a new school is something we embrace! We understand the need for growth and do not wish to impede progress. By supporting the new school, we are helping to control the overall expansion and lead our communities in a positive direction. We believe accelerating this existing plan is a critical component for the permanent solution to the county wide overpopulation issue.

Summary and Execution

We agree with the need for immediate action to control the overcrowding of Sumner County schools. However, we disagree with proposed reaction outlined in the Stage 1 plan.

We aim to discover Board's motivation to design the proposed map. We will then review the factors the Board utilized when determining this course of action.

We plan to attend each School Board meeting in which the public is allowed, to show our support for keeping our community whole. In each instance we are permitted by law, we will address the Board with our concerns and possible solutions.

We will be hosting community meetings to discuss the information obtained, and work towards our common goal of preserving the educational integrity of our community.

We will be presenting a formal proposal to the Board containing our recommendations.

This petition shall serve as one of many evidences that our community is concerned for the education of our children and the preservation of quality of life for all citizens in the affected area. By affixing your signature, you are presenting proof to the Sumner County School Board and other local government officials that you are part of a better solution.