Leave scenic redwood lined Wonder Stump Road the way it is!

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Beautiful redwood lined Wonder Stump Road, located in Del Norte County is a real jewel.  It is located north of Crescent City, California.  It is lined almost the entire length by mature second growth redwood trees. The road is a scenic beauty.  It’s location is near the Smith River, the cleanest river in America and just over the hill from Jedediah Smith State Park.

In recent days a surveyor has been observed marking trees for removal.  When asked he stated that the road was being surveyed for widening and other improvements.  We are opposed to these measures as they will alter the beauty of this gorgeous stretch of road.

This is a petition to the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors to halt these plans, as we believe it will forever alter the beauty of this stretch of the road.

“We the undersigned, realizing the historical, aesthetic, and natural beauty of Del Norte County’s Wonder Stump Road, wish that this road be left at it’s present width and condition, only being paved and maintained as necessary and little else. We do not agree to the widening of the road or the removal of any islands or trees along the length of Wonder Stump Road.”