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Release the name of the rescue that took a heavily pregnant dog!!

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Lucy is a one year old border collie mix that was brought into the Dekalb Humane Society in Indiana. She was heavily pregnant and needed a place to go before having her puppies. Anna Feller, the intake coordinator, contacted a woman she didn't even know and begged her to foster the dog while she gave birth. Hours later, without a home check or foster parent paperwork, the dog was dumped on her door step. This woman cared for this dog for five days before he went into the first stages of labor. Anna sent her a text saying within a few hours the resume would e coming to take her and identified the rescue as the Mid West Border Collie Rescue (MWBCR). The foster parent explained that she was in labor and she didn't feel comfortable with her traveling. Anna became nasty and explained it was not her choice, the humane society had rights to the dog and she didn't want to ruin the reputation with the rescue that she claimed helped them so many times! She assured the foster that the car ride wouldn't be long, later her story changed from 30-40 minutes to 4-5 hours. The Dekalb humane societies vet urged them against moving the dog, he refused to clear her for transport. Once again, Anna stated it wasn't his decision. Within hours a woman came for the dog and identified herself only as Karen. Her vehicle had Ohio plates and she carried NO ID, yet she claimed to be an employee with MWBCR. She forcefully took the dog, grabbing her by the stomach causing her to cry out.
The foster mom called Anna to demand answers but her calls were ignored. She contacted MWBCR only to find that they DID NOT take the dog or even know anything about this situation! With tears, she contacted a board member for the shelter who reiterated the exact story she was told. When she put the board member in touch with the implicated rescue the board member ADMITTED to not knowing where the dog went. Hours later their story changed, suddenly instead of being in Indiana (first story told by Anna)...then Ohio (second story)...they claimed the dog was in Michigan. Suddenly they knew where she was and claimed she was safe. Numerous people inquired about the rescue (several wanting to send donations collected for her care) but were told its against policy to reveal rescued organizations that take animals. Comments were deleted, emails ignored, pleas for information rejected.
A week later the foster mother was fed a story she believed, the employees seemed sincere when they said everything was in place for her to visit Lucy and that if she wanted they would work together to start the process of adoption. When she inquired about the rescue and tried to schedule a visit her comments were once again ignored.
Several people are concerned for this dogs safety. She was taken while laboring and thrown into transport...a transport she wasn't even cleared to go on in the first place. She was first said to be in Indiana, then Ohio, then Michigan with a rescue that had no idea the dog even existed. The board member admitted to having no idea where the dog went and admitted to not even knowing who came to get the dog! This leads me to believe she was sold or given away for whatever reason. All I know is an innocent dog was dumped into a foster home of a woman with no connections to this shelter, no paper work was ever provided, and she was taken just as quickly as she arrived by yet another unknown soul. This is shady, animals cannot keep disappearing!! We want justice and answers!!!

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